Episode 1

The pill was clamped tightly between
my thumb and forefinger, suspended
over the glass of juice as I battled with
my conscience.

How could this be wrong when he was
my husband besides goodness knew it
was because I loved him with every
atom of my being, I was doing this.

This was a good thing, I told myself.

If it was such a good thing, why didn’t I
talk to him about it? Why not tell him
everything including what had
happened two weeks back when he had
been away on his trip? He would
understand, wouldn’t he?
Shaking my head, I answered my own
question that he couldn’t handle it, he
couldn’t handle the truth. Kevwe was so
possesive and telling him would only do
more harm. It would be better this way.

Abby, my close friend who was a
pharmacist had assured me that the pill
was to get him so excited he would
perform for longer than he usually did
which was something I was in dire
need for.

Toe curling, mind numbing pleasure, a
feeling so sweet I had not known
existed until a few days ago
when….when I had been rudely
violated against my will…or had it been
against my will?
Could I say it had been against my will
when I had been pretty much into it.

The incident had kept running through
my mind like a video tape on loop but
the annoying part was my skin still
prickled with goose flesh when I
thought about it, when I thought about
the stranger who had expertly
manipulated my body and led me to so
much pleasure.

I wondered who he could be, did he
stay in the neighbourhood and if I’d
been chosen randomly or did he know
me personally? I suspected the latter
because the way he had touched,
fondled, kissed my skin so tenderly and
in such a gentle but demanding
way..he definitely knew me and might
have thought about having me to
himself for a while before making his

At first I had resisted, I had just wanted
to lie still until he was done but truth
be told when his fingers and lips had
began its slow but deliberate
ministrations upon my body, I had
willingly surrendered and given myself
up to him. I doubt there were many red
blooded females who could have
resisted giving in when tortured with
such sweet pleasure.

Now, how could I tell Kevwe, my
husband and the man who I deeply was
in love with, that I had been sweetly
ravaged by a stranger and had loved
every moment of it? It would destroy
him, absolutely kill him to know I
preferred a stranger’s touch to his. It
wasn’t even fair to him if to keep
replaying it in my mind and I needed
to get rid of the thoughts in my head
quickly before he became suspicious.

With a resigned sigh I let the pill drop
into the drink, stirring it softly with a
spoon and watching it dissolve. This
was for the best, I reaffirmed.

And if after the pill he still didn’t
perform as well as I need? I wondered
briefly but that was a risk I had to take.

Kevwe wasn’t an awful lover, he was a
tall and attractive virile young man
who I was attracted to but the problem
was s-x with him ended too soon and
he never took the time to tease my
body into arousal. I had never minded
before, not until I had erupted with
sheer pleasure beneath the stranger’s

Picking up the tray and turning
around, I decided it was time to do this
when I saw Kevwe standing in the
doorway, shirtless with a curious
expression on his features.

“Jesus,” I exclaimed in shock as the
glass rattled on the tray, it was a
marvel that I didn’t drop it. My mind
raced as I wondered if he had seen me
drop the pill. “You scared me, Kevwe.

How long have you been standing

“A while,” his baritone voice boomed as
his gaze held suspicion. “Long enough
to see you drop something in my
drink….what was that pill, Onome?”
“What? I didn’t….” I began but he cut
me off.

“I saw you clearly so don’t even think
about lying.” He said stepping into the
room, still staring at me with such
distrust and suspicion.

I quivered stepping back reflexively but
my back only bumped into the kitchen
cabinet, my heart beat increased
slightly in tempo. There was no where
to run and I had to face this head on.

D–n it, what had I done? How could I
explain this?

I set the tray back on the counter
hoping to buy some time knowing fully
well I was in deep s–t here and my
next words might bury me deeper into

“I put an aspirin in it because I heard
you complain….” I began but he didn’t
let me finish. Holding up his hand to
stop my badly concocted lie, my voice
trailed off.

“Onome..you know I can spot your lies
easily but still you choose to lie? You
want to me dead, don’t you?” He
suddenly asked, his voice raised and I
became afraid that the neighbours
would hear him. I didn’t want anyone
else dragged into this mess I had

“I … I can explain, it wasn’t to kill you,
Kevwe please…” I begged but he was
now too riled to listen.

“Explain what? That you poisoned my
drink? That you planned to end my
“No, no, I would never. You know I love
you, my heart.. you know….” I tried but
he wasn’t listening.

“I don’t know anything, I only know
what I saw and I saw that you want to
kill me, since you put a strange pill into
my drink and you are lying about it…

The neighbours must hear this, the
whole street must hear this!”

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