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All I could ever dream of is a guy to love me and make me feel happy

My name is Nike but my friends call me Nicky.

I attend the best school in town for my secondary school education before I leave the country to proceed my educational career.

Through out my secondary school life I never had a boyfriend as I don’t have the time for such My parents are really wealthy but strict with me becauseof my brother.

My brother John was a drug dealer before he met his untimely death after trying to run off with some drugs.

He was shot by the police and he died immediately.

I got admission into the University of California immediately after my final exams and that brought out another chapter in my life.

I am to study theater arts at the campus so for the next 3 years I will be here.

I met new friends at California and made two my best friends which really influence me negatively.

I was in my room about to sleep when I saw Liza call Liza is one of my best friends here

Liza- hey babe what up

Me- good girl

Liza- where is your dirty ass

Me- up in your papa’s room

Liza- you mad babe let hangout now

Me- ughhhh I need to

Liza- no but just come here and let go

Me- OK pick me up then am not in the mood to drive

* Liza is one of those bad girls thou she is not a Nigerian but we get along really cool.

We drove off immediately Liza drove into my houseI met some other girls in the car and we exchange greetings.

We got to a particular hotel and Liza drive into the parking space We all get into the hotel and make our orders

Liza- give us all hot drinks guy you know what I mean

Me- Liza am just taking cola drink

Liza- no way babe We started drinking and before I know it I drank way too much than I can take.

The girls brought out cigarette and they pass one around it got to me

Me- I don’t take it

Girl1- hey babe take it you will feel cool

Liza- look take it girl you are up for it tonightI got no choice so I collect it from them and I started smoking Some guys came over to where we sat and one sat by my side b

Guy – what up beautiful

Me- hi

Guy- am Johnson

Me- ughhhh

Guy- can we talk outside seem you are shy

Me – OKI don’t know why I agree to go out to talk with him maybe because am drunkWe got outside and he started touching me in my waist

Me- hey stop it

Johnson – why

We got into his car and he tried to kiss me. I tried to push him off but he is way stronger than me so I gave up Before I know it my top is off and he is sucking on my br**sts.

I hit his head with a bottle I saw in his car.

Johnson – ughhhh help me

I quickly took my clothes and ran off.

My so called friends are nowhere to be found.

I pick up a cabI got home that night feeling happy that he did not go beyond what he did..

I got home quickly shower up and resume to bed.

I was surprised as how my friends could just leave me alone with another guy that I don’t know

The next morning I woke up really late thank God I have lectures late today I prepared my break fast of bread and egg supported with tea.

Just as I was about to eat a call came in from my friend Liza

Me- hey Liza why did you do that

Liza- you asking me ughh your ugly ass just got me into trouble because that guy you hit is the leader of the gangs

My head got spinning all around how could I do that and why on heart did I follow him

Me – so what is the solution now cause am sure am in for good

Liza- that guy wants to have his way in you babe just let him go once and he will never come again

Me- never I can’t do that

Liza- then consider yourself dead I could not reply her.

**look at how I am messing up my life because of this bad friends Later that day.

I just had my lecture so I am about to go home when I saw Johnson and his gang coming right towards me

Johnson – hey you witch

Me- am not witch guy

Johnson- well who cares just here to talk to you about something really important

Me- OK am all ears

He came closer and he touch my ass. I tried to push himoff but he is way stronger

****where did he ever get his strength from ahhhhhHe keep pressing my ass and all I could do his just watch him do it

He took his hands off me

Johnson – meet me tonight at my house

Me- and if I don’t

Johnson – you see as us and many more will rape you till say your last words and your pictures will be around the world right before you die

* I got scared how am I gonna save my little ass from this goat of a guy

I got home feeling really bad this is not the way I want to lose my virginity to a guy I don’t love I could not eat all through, thought of what should I do keep disturbing me.

My phone ringing brought me back to life

Me- hello

Johnson – hey b—h don’t forget the plan

Me- OK what time

Johnson – like right now come over and serve my joystick right I took my bath and head for Johnson home.

I got there and I knock on the door

Johnson – hey s–t welcome here

Me- please Johnson am sorry just forgive me for what ever I might have done to you

Johnson – come in first

I got in and believe me he got a nice place

Johnson – you can sit I called you here because I want to talk to you

Me- about what

Johnson – I love you Nicky what you did last night only made me love you more.

I never believe there is a girl among those your friends who can resist me but you did and it made me fall in love with you more

Me- Johnson so what should I do for you now

Johnson – am not forcing you for anything but He knelt down

Johnson – will you be my girlfriend

Me- ughh Johnson I need time to think about it

Johnson – OK I will wait but please don’t reject me.

And what should I serve you

Me- am okay

Johnson – OK let me see you off He followed me till I got to my house and he held my hands

Johnson – please don’t hesitate to call if anyone disturb you my love

Me- OK byeI got inside feeling really lucky to have survived the greatest challenge to my womanhood

The next day I was home all day cause I have no lecture.

Knock on the door

Me- yes the door is open come in….

****guess who guys ???•••

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