Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

Episode 1

I could only be sure when he proved this was what he was after. I shouldn’t just be quick in concluding and insinuating that he wanted to FK me! It was wrong to think so! In fact, it was brash injustice to accuse him of wanting to FK me! He was a good boy and wouldn’t have any such dirty thoughts! I was the one who was making things up. I was the one who was imagining his intentions and wrongly so, assuming they were all ugly and obscene. I was the one. He only just touched my butt0ckz.

Yes. He only just touched it, as though he was feeling the round and plump features of it. He only just slid and swirled his palm over each lobe and sq££zed them hardly, in a very arousing way! He only just did that, and that was all. Even though I remember him letting that hand slide in-between my legs and into my crotch, he still didn’t mean what my mind has been telling me! I know he is a good boy and was never going to do something dirty and ugly. His hand didn’t exactly do much other than massage what seemed like my K!ttyC@t through my p@anties! That was all he did and it felt really good. And not in a corrupt way but in a good way because he is a good boy! Mum shouldn’t be worried. Danny was a good boy!! And I was going to prove this, beyond all reasonable doubts!

I was going to see Danny again in the coming week, just after the weekend! And just like always, he was going to come with his best friends. But then, he was going to come to me later and tell me in a low voice that he wanted to show me something. Something usually, very immaterial. For he will then take me to the bathroom lobby and touch me in some nice places. This was what he always said. This is what we have always done and as expected, we did it again this time around! He walked up to me that Monday morning, with his friends watching him from behind.

“Can I show you a bird that is flying just behind the house?” he asked as soon as he got close to me.

I never waited for him to complete his question before picking up his hand and pulling him to the bathroom lobby! I didn’t need to see the bird first Danny. We can always see the bird later! Just show me you are a good boy! His touching me was all I needed and as he grabbed my perky full b0s0m, I was reminded why he was non like any other! He was Danny and he could make me get very wet! He was of course not doing anything wrong. It was wrong to accuse him of touching me inappropriately as there was simply nothing inappropriate about the feeling I was having! The priest always said in church that it was wrong for him to put his pecker into my tight little wet hole.

But he wasn’t doing that. He was only just rubbing and kneading my swollen oranges! I felt so hot and needed to grab him and then he did so himself! He held me tight and began kissing me passionately! My perky Tips grazed his cotton white uniform as we smooched and made out. He was all over me and just like last time, his hand found my crotch again! This time, he met it so very wet as my p@nty was already damp from my pouring juices! It felt so good how he played with my K!ttyC@t but it was equally alright. He was only pleasing me and had done nothing wrong. Danny was a good boy!

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