Episode 1

“I don’t see that you have much choice, Miss James,” Alex said, leaning back into the heavily-padded, monstrous swivel chair behind his desk.

The chair was made of rich black leather and it’s back reached high up over her boss’ head, reminding Sharon of a seat for some stern judge who might slap her into chains. The frightened young woman squirmed uncomfortably in a small chair at the front of the massive oak desk.

“Mr. Alex,” she said emphatically, straining to show her honesty with her voice, “I promise you, I didn’t have anything to do with the money that’s missing, no matter what you or anybody else might think!”

“Look,” Mr. Alex said, leaning forward and dropping his hands to the desk. “There’s no sense in arguing about it, because my office manager confirms that it’s true. Miss Amanna says she gave you the locked box with two-hundred thousand naira in it to put away and when she checked it later, the money was gone. She went through your desk while you were at break, and she found the missing key to the box in your top drawer.”

“I didn’t take that money,” Sharon said tensely. “I’m a secretary, not a thief!”

Mr. Alex’s smile was caustic. “Then what about the two-hundred thousand naira we found stuck in the middle compartment of your bag?”

“Somebody must have put it there while I was away from my desk!” Sharon cried, her mind in a complete swirl. Somehow, the whole afternoon had gone completely crazy, and everything was running out of control. The young woman, only a few years out of the polytechnic, was growing more and more frightened and confused, and she didn’t know what to do.

“That may be,” Alex said as a crooked, sneering smile began to spread on his face. “But who’s going to believe you? Do you think the police are going to take your word against ours when a businessman and his office manager tell them an employee has stolen our money?”

“They can’t prove it because I didn’t do it!” Sharon gasped.

“Ah, but they can!” Alex laughed triumphantly. “They’ll have two respectable witnesses in me and Miss Amanna. I know you don’t have any money, so you’ll spend time in jail because you can’t make bail, and the newspapers will tell everybody that you’re nothing but a common thief. And even if you do manage to get out of jail after a while, you’ll have lost your job in the meantime. And there’s nobody else who’ll give another job to someone whose picture has been in the paper for stealing money from their employer.”

It all made such brutal sense. Even Sharon could understand that the police would be more likely to believe Mr. Alex than her.

“What do you want, Mr. Alex?” she asked, feeling defeated. “What is it that you want me to do?”

“Just what I told you before,” he said with a sadistic grin. “Instead of arguing with me and making me mad, you ought to be doing something nice to take my mind off calling the police.”

“But I can’t do what you asked,” Sharon said desperately.

“Sure you can,” her boss insisted. “It’s not going to hurt you to show me those tits you’re hiding under that blouse.”

?Sharon’s face burned. She could feel the embarrassment burn in the skin of her face and tits. But she knew that she was going to have to do exactly what he said to keep him from calling the police.

“I’m tired of waiting, bitch,” Alex Alex said, and reached for the phone on his desk. “I’m starting to dial the police right now and the only way you’re going to stop me is to have those tits Unclad before they answer the phone!”

Sharon whined, but she stood quickly as his finger punched out the first number. By the time the third number was pressed, she had the buttons of her blouse open and she shrugged out of the garment, all the time watching the phone. Her boss was punching in the seventh digit when she reached behind her and unsnapped the hook of the bra. The cups of padded material fell away from her tits, painting stubby Tips toward the man behind the desk.

His eyes feasted on the bare female tit flesh, then suddenly he shook his head.

“No, I’m sorry,” he mumbled into the phone. “I don’t need the police right at this minute, so I must have dialed the wrong number.”

With a sigh of relief, Sharon watched him put the receiver back into its cradle and turn his eyes back to her Unclad chest. Once again, blood rushed hotly through her checks and tits. She could almost feel Mr. Alex pawing her, and it made her skin itch and crawl.

“Holy Sh*t!” Alex hissed. “You do have a real wild set of tits! Chika told me that you’d have some hot tits if we could ever manage to get you down to show them to us!”

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