Episode 1

Everywhere was dark and silent, only the
chirping of the birds and the creaking of the
insects could be heard in the lonely forest of
Utah located in a Rome.

An old house built with woods and bamboo
sticks could be seen in the middle of the
“you have to be careful, remember this is
your first mission” A man probably in his
early 60s told a young boy, a youth.
“yes master, the fact that this is my first
mission won’t stop me” I replied my master.

Master Malcolm confronted me on the
mission ahead and told me some details on
“you should know you are not just on an
ordinary mission, you are on a revenge
mission. This people killed your parents” He
reminded me.
“yes master and i will make sure i bring
them down” I assured.
“good!” He said and left after giving me a
piece of paper..

I looked at it and it was just a detail on my
mission, nothing more or less.
Date: 14th January 2014,
Location: Orden, Rome,
Target: Herbert Elmer.
I know you would want to know about me.
Well, i am Darlington(no surname coz i have
no parent). I growed up in the jungle with a
man who happened to be my master. Master
Malcolm taught me so many things(how to
fight in Kung Fu, use the gun, use the sword
and many others). But i usually find it very
easy to do them…. Maybe it’s my talent
anyway. There is a star, a shining star on my
wrist which only me can touch.

I was told by my master, Master Malcolm that
a group of men killed my parents when i
was young and he took the risk of saving.
He had to run to a safe place so that he will
not be located and that’s why we are in the
jungle today, that man really tried for me. .
I touched the star on my wrist and
Robin(the emperor) and one of his brother
were discussing.
“ever since he gave birth to the choosen
one, he disappeared” Herbert said.
“brother, that is something that had past.
Don’t disturb yourself with that” The
emperor said.
“you call it the past, don’t you know the
choosen one is the one who is to fight
against our enemies incase any Empire
invade war against us??” Herbert asked his
“i know but just forget that talk for now” He
replied him.
After about 30 minutes, Herbert decided to
go home.
I have appeared in my target’s place about
30 minutes ago, i scanned the whole house
from outside with my super eyes and saw
that the house was empty.

I waited patiently for him and in few
minutes time, i saw him advancing towards
the compound.

I quickly disappeared and reappeared inside
his apartment and decided to wait for him

I saw the door knob turned and he entered
“My father!!!” He exclaimed in fright seeing a
strange man in his house.
“The choosen one?” He shouted when he
noticed the star on my wrist.
“but the choosen one is suppose to have
long hairs. Maybe this is not him” He said.
“i am Darlington not choosen one” I Said as i
brought out my sword.
He also brought out a sword and i smiled.

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