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”ada pls don’t insult me o! u that is talking, didn’t u find today’s lecture difficult? Tessy asked eyeing her ”me ada? do u know whom u are talking to? the mathmatician herself! my dear! I didn’t find it any difficult o! infact today’s lecture is the easiest! pls let’s forget about that and focus on the cab we are waiting for! it getting late already before my mother start getting worried”, ada said ”hmmmm!! mummies pet”, Tessy teased smiling, as they were both waiting for a cab, a Camry car stopped right in front of them and wined the glass down ”hi angels! do u care for a lift? the young guy driving the car asked smiling and looking at ada most especially

”no thank u we are fine”, ada said and look away ”errrrm handsome don’t mind her! that’s how she always behaves! we don’t mind”, Tessy said looking at the guy smiling and twisting her waist ”ada let’s go in! since the past thirty minutes we have been standing here did we see any cab! pls if u are not entering me am entering o”, Tessy said ”sir pls open ur door”, Tessy said as the guy opened his door for Tessy to enter ”wont u enter? the guy said to ada who looked away ”handsome pls don’t mind her just drive me home pls am exhausted! stand there! sun will hit u today, u will stand there till ages u will not see any cab just watch it”, Tessy said ”errrrm pls wait let me enter because am tired of standing”, ada said and rushed into the backseat of the car sitting beside Tessy who was seen smiling

”no u should have stand there doing shakara”, Tessy teased ”errrrm! my name is Caleb! so where are u guys dropping? Caleb asked looking at ada at the front mirror ”we are dropping at newsite bustop”, Tessy said smiling and looking at Caleb at the mirror ”hmmmm! this ur car is beautiful o”, Tessy comprimend ”oh really! anyway thanks”, Caleb said still looking at ada at the front mirror ”pretty! wats ur name? Caleb asked ”errrrm my name is te…..”,

”no not u! the one on red”, Caleb cut in, and this made Tessy to frown her face ”errrm u mean me? ada asked ”yes dear”, Caleb replied ”my name is ada”, ada said ”wow! such a nice name”, caleb admired ”mr man pls stop us here”, Tessy said frowning her face ”here! but I thought u said u are dropping at newsite bustop? Caleb asked confusedly ”we are not dropping there anymore, just drop us here”, Tessy insist still frowning ”tessy! is anything the matter? but this is not our bustop na, our bustop is still at the front”, ada said looking worried ”dont worry we will trek to our bustop”, Tessy replied ”young lady I hope u are ok? anyway if u say so”, Caleb said, open the car door for them to come down ”errrrm ada come”, Caleb called as ada went to meet him ”take this, this is my complimentary card, pls call me when u gets home”, Caleb said and handed the card to ada, Tessy on seeing that, got more angry ”ada let’s getout from here”, Tessy shouted

”ada take this money for ur t.fair tomorrow”, Caleb said and gave her five thousand naira which ada rejected ”ada let’s getout from here, I will leave u and go o”, Tessy shouted again, but this time ada waves at Caleb and went to meet Tessy who was seen frowning ”ok talk to u later? Caleb said to ada and drove off.



As time goes on, Caleb and ada started dating, not too long of their relationship,Caleb proposed to ada who happily accepted without hesitation, two days after Caleb proposed to ada, ada went to share the good news to her bestfriend Tessy ”wow! am so happy for u my bestie! u are lucky o”,Tessy said and hugged ada who was seen smiling ”boyfriend snatcher! let me see how this marriage will work for u”, Tessy thought within her as she disengaged from the hug ”congratulation once again my bestfriend”, Tessy said and fake a smile ”thank u my bestie! don’t worry God will send ur heart desire to u”, ada said ”amen”, Tessy replied smiling,…not too long when ada left, Tessy grabbed a bottle of hot gin and pour herself a little on the glass cup ”u came to tell me how my boyfriend u snatched from me proposed to u? I knew Caleb before u but u took him away from me? I swear u will regret taking my boyfriend away from me? now u two wants to get married and leave me behind? ok na! let me see how u will enjoy ur marriage! first thing tomorrow morning I shall go and see baba efe( the only native doctor that can do and undo, and the prediction of future) ada! u will regret ever taking my boyfriend away from me! gets ready to cry soon! hahahahaha”, Tessy said to herself and gave out a devilish laugh.

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