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Mrs Kelly: Kelly, are u still sleeping? I am ready to go

Kelly: (looked up) oh, the money is under the pillow in the other room

Mrs Kelly: I’ve seen it already but I thought u are joking, so u mean I will be going to the market with just 15k? what type of husband are u?

Kelly:(Managed to get up) honey please I am begging u, manage it anyhow u can , u know I don’t select food, even if it is only crayfish we can be using it to cook for the main time besides the money is just for a week, I will try and give u more money next week

Mrs:(clapped her hands and laughed out so loud) there is nothing I will not see under the son, how did I even get entangled with this type of man? a man that cannot provide for his family to their satisfaction is that one too a husband? so u mean I will be going to stock up the house every week instead of monthly as it supposed to be? what a husband, shame shame shame!!!(she shouted at him)

Kelly: if u know how much I love and cherish as my wife u will stop all these insults u do threw on me, I want us to have a happy family, why can’t u understand and reciprocate my love for u?

Mrs Kelly: we are talking about money here and u are bringing love inside it, love k’ill u there

Kelly: u know I give u more when I have but if I don’t have we will have to manage, stop insulting me, I’ve received much insults from u for the past 5yrs we got married

Mrs Kelly:(touching him and shouting) and what will u do if I insult u? tell me Kelly, what can u do? u gave me 15k for feeding while my friends husband’s are giving them 100k for just 2weeks, lazy and useless man(, dragging his clothes) what can u do?

Kelly:(shook his head) alright u can leave my cloth, I am very sorry for everything, I promise to increase the money, please let’s manage this

Mrs Kelly: my friend increase this money, how can I cook without meat? increase this money or I change it for u

Kelly: u can buy meat and add to yours while u give me mine like that , I only need peace of mind

Mrs Kelly: there is no peace of mind for a lazy man, u don’t deserve any peace of mind, u are just a woman wrapper

Kelly: I accept everything please can u go now?

Mrs Kelly: oh u want me to go out so that u will bring in a girl to sleep with?

Kelly: how did u come up with such? God in heaven knows I’ve never cheat on u since I knew u, why are u Making up stories just to deal with my emotions?

Mrs Kelly: liar! all men are d’ogs, u are not excluded, u refused to give me money because of your side chics

Kelly: oh God, please honey u can go to the market, let’s end this argument here, I am so sorry if I’ve offended u by giving u such little amount, that is all I can afford now

Mrs Kelly: u don’t need to remind me, I am already on my way to the market.

She left in anger, Kelly took a breath of relieve as he watched her walking out of the house, what type of life am I living? he asked himself, when am I going to be free from all these troubles from her? i am trying my best but she would never accept it not to talk of appreciating me, she knows my work is a seasonal one even before we got married, why is she doing this to me? I have so many plans for the future but she is not thinking towards that direction, the most painful part is that she makes people believe I am the wicked one whereas I am the victim, ….. all these kept running through his mind

At the market

Mrs Kelly: mama just sell one paint of crayfish, next week I will buy more

fish seller: ahh customer but u use to buy 3 paints, what happened?

Mrs Kelly: is it not my useless husband? he gave me a lesser amount today

fish seller: Shut up! how dare u call your husband a useless one? do u even have respect at all, this is the third time I’ve heard u say something bad about him, seal your mouth please u are in a public place

Mrs Kelly: I should shut up? do u know what I’m going through in his hands? even when I tried to beg him to add some money to it do u know he almost beat me up? I ran out of the house today

( another buyer chipped in)

Another buyer: Awwwww poor woman, what women go through in marriage ( turning to the seller) mama u don’t have to blame her, women are suffering in marriage

Mrs Kelly: may God bless you dear for your understanding, I am one of those women seeing hell, I regret ever getting married, all my friends are married to better husbands

fish seller: are u living with them? for calling her husband such in the public I cannot judge it that way, only God knows if the man is the problem

another buyer: a man that tries to beat her up, hmmm I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that such a man is devil’ish

Mrs Kelly: thank u for standing with the truth, don’t pray for your daughters to marry my type of husband

fish seller: number one mistake is comparing your Marriage to that of your friends, every marriage is beautiful and unique, they maybe collecting huge amount of money but trust me they don’t have it all, there is something u are enjoying that they are lacking, comparing your husband to another man is an emotional torture to him, u just bruised his ego, besides u don’t even know if they are lying

another buyer: allow women to speak up when they are living with beasts, they may get help , she knows what she is talking about, I feel pity for some women

fish seller: is okay, I don’t want to lose my customers either, Mrs Kelly and my new customer u guys won, I actually asked her because I felt she already bought some crayfish in another place before getting to mine, Mrs Kelly may God perfect your marriage

Mrs Kelly: Amen, thank u ma

She got home and met him still sleeping

Kelly! she called out

Kelly: (opened his eyes) are u back? u are welcome

Mrs Kelly: so since I left you’ve been sleeping? what a husband! u couldn’t even help me set the kitchen

Kelly: but I use to help u, u know very well that I am not feeling fine today, please u need to help me get some tablets from the pharmacy

Mrs Kelly: u are looking for excuse not to help me in the kitchen, lazy men full everywhere!

Kelly: but I use to help u, please can u at least give me peace of mind? if u cannot help me to go to the pharmacy there is no problem, I am sorry

Mrs Kelly: very annoying human being, he will be so fast to say ‘ I am sorry’ suit yourself here!

Kelly (shook his head as she walked to the kitchen the kitchen)

few minutes again she came out

Kelly, Kelly, she called

what is it this time? he asked

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