Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Nana being the only daughter of the Johnson’s family was loved by everyone including her parents and brothers, she was very intelligent and always took the first position in her class, the whole teachers in her school loved her so much, aparts from her being brilliant she was also a pretty girl, almost the whole young men in that city of port always drool for her to the extend of approaching her, whenever they tried to approached her, they get disappointed because Nana always told them that she wasn’t interested and that she wants to focus on her studies and don’t want any hindrance and distraction, Mr and Mrs Johnson were very proud of their children especially Nana their only daughter, they makes sure their children never lacked anything as they always provides their needs, Mr Johnson was a business tycoon while Mrs Johnson owns a very big boutique, money wasn’t their problem in that house, the family was living comfortable, one thing about Nana is that she loves trekking despite the facts that her parents are rich, u hardly recognize her as a rich man’s daughter because of her behavior, too bad for Nana because she never knew wat awaits her in future, she never knew her life was about to turn upside down.




One sunny afternoon, as Nana was returning back from school trekking, she sighted an old woman who was holding a stick begging, it obvious the old woman was a beggar, Nana greeted the woman and was about walking away when the old woman stopped her ”my daughter pls help an old beggar, I don’t have anything to eat and am hungry! pls no amount is too small”, the old woman cried and this touched Nana as she opened her wallet and brought out five hundred naira, handed it to the old woman who happily collected it, immediately the old woman collected the money, she immediately disappeared with Nana.



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