Episode 1

Tiara Michaels stood at the mirror dabbling some red lipstick as mouth was shaped in “O”. She checked her reflection, she wasn’t looking bad. She wore a blue shinning grown and a fur coat around her neck,it wasn’t a bad dress where she secured a work at the Temptation Night Club. She got the work easily due to her striking beauty. She has thick black hair,charming brown eyes,stood at 5ft.4inches tall and has well defined features and curves at the appropriate palaces.

She’d dropped out of school when her father suddenly dissolved his partnership. Fiona, her second sister, dropped out of school two years after her when their father’s drinking addiction could not be stopped. Liza,their third sister stopped school recently when their mother,Peggy, had been diagnosed of cancer. The income the family gets is too little as Peggy had resigned from her teacher profession and their father had gotten himself sacked in a paper company due to his drinking problems when he harassed his boss on a Monday morning. However, the boss was kind enough,after hearing the pleas from Peggy Michaels, he decided to employ Fiona to work for his paper company. When d!ckson found out about Fiona’s new employment, he accused both Peggy and Fiona of having an affair with the owner of the paper company, they were all shocked, of course Mr d!ckson Michaels was a loving dad.

She recalled when they lived at their mansion which has now been taken as their dad used it for collateral to acquire a loan from bank to save the company. Her dad was supposed to fly out on business on Fiona’s birthday, Fiona on the other hand,said “No dad,no birthday”,and the four ladies had devices a plan. Peggy called d!ckson that their daughter had fallen off the stair and was in an ambulance,immediately d!ckson had agreed to fly back home and Peggy offered to wait for him at home. Within few hours,d!ckson landed in
Nigeria and was taken home by his driver to meet his wife where they would both go to the hospital. He stomped into his compound, he saw different cars,he became afraid. He opened the door to his sitting room,saw people dancing and there,near Peggy,he saw Fiona,he looked to see if she was alright,she looked fine.

Fiona saw her dad and walked,almost ran to hug him when she noticed he was in a foul mood,a smile escaped from her lips and gradually reached her striking brown eyes

Fiona was fair skinned, slightly taller than her elder sister,she was daddy’s favourite child. Unlike Tiara,Fiona has a weak hair and a clear voice like that of a piano and has a killing smile.

When d!ckson watched the smile reached her beautiful brown eyes,his heart melted and a smile played on his lips even before he could stop it.
“I could kill you right now”,he had said
“But you won’t”,she replied and they both laughed and joined the party.

d!ckson watched his daughter from the adjourning room as she checks her reflection in the already broken mirror.

He doesn’t know what’s there in this daughter of his,could be her eyes,he doesn’t know but one thing’s for sure,she’s a lot different from her two other sisters. Liza’s the mummy’s child and Fiona,a child with the heart of gold but Tiara,Tiara is something else,talks slow, displays no emotion, has a cold voice and he had said it many times than once that she behaves like a ghost but she just smiled it off. A smile that doesn’t get to her eyes. Tiara is unpredictable but Fiona is. No one can tell what’s going on in Tiara’s head,always keeps to herself, she has the heart of a Lion, never afraid, unlike Fiona and Liza. Because of Tiara’s extreme coldness, he had resulted that she would be his candidate before he was forcefully asked to dissolve his partnership.

Just a few months from now and everything would be alright, Peggy would be fine, he would give all the treatment she requires. He owed Peggy his life. She hadn’t divorced him,she had subjected herself to this poverty- filled life with him regarding she’s an American,the reason why his daughters bears funny names; Tiara-Fiona-Liza,he mused. Peggy names her children even before they were born.

His thoughts were chartered as Tiara crossed him to open the outside door when he called “Tia……”,she stopped and turned. He knew she was surprised even though she didn’t show it.
“Where are you going to?”
“To work”,she answered in that cold voice, that voice,there’s something about that voice, something he couldn’t tie his hand around…….”Is there something I can do for you?”,she asked again chattering his thoughts for the second time. He shook his head. She turned to leave and he called her again “Tia…..”,she turned, her dad was behaving strange tonight.
“How’s your mum doing?”,he asked wanting to hear that cold voice.
“I don’t know. When I get to Temptation, I would ask an advanced payment to settle some of her hospital bills and Fiona’s salary due today, so she would hand it over to you”,it struck his heart
“Why would she do that?”
“It’s the right thing to do”
“Even if I’ll just spend it on drinking?”,his voice was on the breaking point now.
“It’s the right thing to do”,she repeated and he nodded. She opened the door and stepped out,the cool night breeze welcoming her and somewhere along the way,the night covered her.

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