Episode 1

Death of the heroine;
Division in a Family;
Sacred Nature of Marriage;
And other sub-themes.

Chief Mrs Kiara Adesewa Adelakun
(Nee Gerrard),a jewel to behold as a mother,grandmother,Great grandmother,sister and aunt died on the 14th of August,2008. At the very ripe Age of 96. Four months later,families,friends and well wishers gathered at the St. Micheal’s Catholic Church to celebrate her life well spent.
But to many who were not close,did not know how her family was,the hatred amidst her children and the ‘dis-unity’ amongst them.
My grandfather and I went on the 15th July to pay a visit to Mrs. Kiara’s home at Agege. Only God can tell what prompted my grandpa for a visit that very sunday,unplanned for.
Find out in this outstanding story of how the themes and sub-themes appeal to the emotion,Leading a great deal of morals for family building.

It was a sunday morning, I woke up to the warmth the early morning sun could offer, never did I know how the day would go. I did some chores, took my bathe, brushed and was dressed for Mass(as in service).

I had gone to meet my Grandpa for money I would use in purchasing ‘bulletin’ and give during offertory when he informed me, we would pay a visit to Mama kiara’s.

The driver was around, he had gotten the car ready and I was the person delaying the visit due to the fact I was heading to church but they knew, they had to wait for me.
I was the ‘choir-master’/president of the children/youth choir and without me, it would be very obvious at mass I wasn’t around,–so I left for church giving ‘Papa’ an “Okay, Sir!.” for ‘an’ answer.

Immediately I got back from church at about 10:30am, we were set to leave. We drove on the Third Mainland Bridge and Papa ‘slit’ his Rosary out of his pocket, praying!.

I used the opportunity to contemplate on two(2) things. One of which was Mr. Gbenro, papa’s driver!.

A dark in complexion with grey hairs already appearing on his head and jaw. He is a reserved man but to me too sluggish and dull that anybody could easily take him for granted.

The man I was having these thoughts about would, or should be at least 20 years older than my dad. Enough to be my dad and in some other parts of this country, my grandfather. I knew it was wrong to have those thoughts but I was not someone who cared so long they were thoughts.

On the other hand, I was thinking what prompted Papa on a visit to Mama’s house, someone we visited almost a year ago.

Immediately he was done praying his Rosary, I inquired!.

“Papa, why are we visiting Mama?”. His sister!.

“A mind drew me to her place and I felt, we should pay her a visit,” was his reply!.

“Okay, Sir!. It’s cool”.

I adjusted on the back seat and sank into thought again. Well, old people always have that urge when something is happening at the other end or about to happen.

I was still trying to guess what might have happened since the last time we paid a visit to Mama.

Would her house still wear that same old look of its outer part but dazzles inside?.

Would she have Chin-chin for us?.

Would the last maid still be serving her?.

How might she be coping in the house?.

Because she lives in such a big house with only a maid, those types of maid that would come lying,–they would not steal, lie but take care of Mama as theirs’, but spending not up to 2 months, they were gone!.

I could not help my thoughts, could not hear what Grandpa said, I was totally lost, I asked!.

“Kini e so sir (what did you say)?.”

“Man yi ma ti so wa nu ke (Mr. Gbenro had missed the road/way and we were lost)!!!.”

I lifted my head, looked out of the window may be I could recognise where we were, all to no avail, I couldn’t tell but Mr. Gbenro drove on.

Where was Mr Gbenro headed??……only time would tell.

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