Episode 1

Gifted Brains Academy has been known to be the best school in Nigeria and it holds the best students. It is said that no matter how dull your child is, as soon as he became a student of Gifted Brains Academy, he will be brilliant.
It was known to be high in education and that it is well safe for students but during the past two years since a girl was enrolled in the school. Deaths have been reported, mostly students who had come across her, even teachers die in strange circumstances. No one knew what was wrong.

She is now in SS2, her name was Susan Igwe, according to the boys both juniors and seniors, she was the most beautiful girl in the school and with that, many boys flocks at her some fear her even if she appeared to be a quiet one which made everyone to be confused.

And in her new class during her first term, she had initiated almost all the females in SS2B and anything they feel like to do, they do. Mess with them and get drained of blood.
Susan now had rich parents who cater for her needs so she never cared for people she considered worthless like the boys and teachers in her school.

But a day came when Jide Ejiofor, the senior prefect of the school came to SS2B class to get the names of noise makers as he had told a girl in SS2B named Queen Promise to write down names and it happened that Susan’s name was on it.

When Jide called out her name, the class was shocked and they all stared at Queen wondering why she wrote Susan’s name, those girls that weren’t initiated yet and the boys in the class knew that if anyone gets into a dispute with Susan, that that person may die or vanished without trace but no one dared point an accusing finger to her and the teachers and principal can’t do anything cause the deaths happened at their homes.
“So today you finally made the list.” Jide told Susan smiling as if he just won a gold medal.

Susan kept quiet and when Jide wanted to flog she warned him not to do so but Jide, known to be fearless in school and takes his duty seriously didn’t care as he gave Susanfive hot strokes on her body, she winced in pain as she stared hard at him and Queen.

The class boys were happy about it, they all thought Jide would let her go.

Throughout that day, Susan was angry and she promised to deal with Queen and Jide. She said to her friends whose name are Amara, Cynthia and Crystal. The first girls she initiated. Out of fifteen girls in the class, she had initiated nine girls.

Later that day she got home and still she wasn’t happy about what Jide had done. She refused to talk to anyone including her parents.

She felt humilated today.
“That stupid boy doesn’t know who I am. Let him wait till I teach him a lesson.” she said evilly as her eyes turned blood red.
Later at midnight. Jide’s house.
Jide was lying in his room sleeping when he felt someone was watching him, he woke up and saw Susan standing beside him.
He looked at her and was shocked. Immediately he got angry and he shouted at her. She laugh and turned to a cobra as she striked him at his chest as he fell down dead..

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