Episode 1

Nigeria, Ogun state

My life has not been the best but quite balanced. I plan to graduate from secondary school and go to the city to further my education at the city. I planned on going to Lagos. From the stories I’ve heard so far, I know it’s a big city and a better place than my village. I lived in a small village in Abeokuta, I had friends all round and people loved me.

“Well done Ruka” I greeted a girl washing clothes.

I walked home quickly to share the good news with my family. Every year I always come home with awards and prizes from school. And this year I got it again.

“mama, papa i’m back” I greeted
“Sakira, how are you” my mom greeted
“I’m fine” I replied “where’s papa” I asked
“he went fishing” she said.

“OK” I left and went to change.

“mama see what i got this year” I said showing her the medal.

“you are always the best now hurry and go show your father” she said.

I left the house and ran to the stream. i passed through the forest and reached the stream. I saw my father struggling with his net trying to catch fishes.

“papa” I called and he looked up
“Sakira” he called and smiled.

I ran into the stream and hugged him.
“how was school” he asked
“good.” I said as I brought out the medal “I got this again this year” I said.

“my brilliant girl, I knew you would be the best again this year” he said smiling
“I’ll never let you down. I’ll keep on being the best” i said.

“that’s my girl” he smiled and hugged me again.

we played together and had lots of fun. This is the life i want. Nothing more than just to be with my family. I’m the first born of six children and i intend on taking my family to a higher ground. And that I know one day I will achieve it. This is my dream.
“Get ready we are leaving for Africa in the next few hours” Mr Frank said.

“yes sir” his right hand man said. “sir are you going to buy a new one” he asked
“oh yeah. it’s time to go shopping” Mr Frank said.

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