Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The voice was so cool and accommodating. I fell in love immediately with the receiver at the other side of the call and I insisted that he must be the one to deliver my order.

“We have agents that’ll deliver the pizza ma” he replied in the usual sexy tone.

“I want you to deliver it please”, I pleaded.

“Alright ma’am”

“I’ll be expecting youuuu” I cut the call excitedly.

I stood up hastily, grabbing the nearby throw pillow and placed it back on the chair.

I had to tidy the living room, I wouldn’t want my guest to think I’m a pig. I rushed up with the arrangement and i was already done in ten minutes.

“Woaahhhh” I screamed in excitement. I couldn’t believe that I did that myself in ten minutes because of a voice belonging to one guy I was hoping to be cute.

For real, I haven’t done that in months. My personal maid in my Dad’s house usually comes ones in a week to tidy, clean up the kitchen and wash my cloths for me.

I was born into a billionaire family. I got almost everything I wanted when I asked for them.

Due to this fact,many people thought I was a snob and it made it hard for some guys to woo me. I utterly disgraced one shaggy guy who was trying to woo me last week.

I moved out of our mansion and insisted on having my own house. My Dad agreed with me after a long arguement, but everything wouldn’t just leave me like that, my Mum made sure the maid always come to my house once a week to assist me. I was living in d*mn luxury.

The light knock on the door brought me out of my reminisces and I stood up to open the door for my guest.

“Hooooooo,my guest is here already, I hope he doesn’t turn back after delivering the pizza”.

The guy I saw at the other side of the door wasn’t the kind of man I was expecting. Not that he didn’t meet my expectations, he did, even it was more than what I was expecting.

This guy was in a blue uniform and he was slightly tall, sturdy, fair and handsome. I fell in love again.

He stretched his hand forward and handed the pizza to me. He was trying to make me sign on a paper he was holding in his hands. I ushered him into the house and closed the door behind him.

He kept a smiled a little when when he entered, or rather, he grinned. I could see the tiny smile that was escaping from his lips. He didn’t even utter a thank you or take the gentleman bow. He just entered and took his seat without my permission.

“This one is not even romantic at all”, I murmured to myself.

I started noticing something immediately that something was amiss because this wasn’t the cheerful guy I talked to on phone. This guy didn’t even try engage me in a talk or something, even he didn’t respond when I tried to initiate one. He was just smiling and gawking at something I don’t even know on the setee and sipping his drink.

I presumed that he may probably find the two pillows that was on the setee interesting and attractive because he was just gawking at them and smirking.

I tried to take the thought of my mind. ” Someone that’s handsome like this can’t be dangerous nah”,I murmured to myself. I presumed that there must be some buttons that I was yet to press in the guy, I thought that he may probably come around and be his normal self if I press those “mumu” button.

There was one thing I noticed about the guy. Unlike other guys, he wasn’t obsessed or fascinated by my beauty and wealth. He wasn’t being clingy.

“Maybe that’s how delivery people do”, I mumbled to myself.

I was already lost in thought and I was engrossed in the Candy Crush game I was when and when I was trying to smash the last sweet into each other, the guy stood up like a soldier as if he was trying to escape or run. One will think that he was possessed at first glance.

I thought the man wanted to take his leave, I was even about to protest because he hasn’t even introduced himself to me.

I was still gesturing for him to stop when I noticed this nice little shinning thing in his hand.

The shinning thing is saw turned out to be a wide knife and he was dangling it in his hand.

My breath left me immediately or rather, I left my breathing. I wasn’t able to breath.

“What’s a strange man doing in my house with knife?, does he have the wrong address?”, I kept on asking myself the questions out of fear when he interrupted me.

“You know how to snob right. You can just disregard anyone because you have money. They have actually paid me for your life”, he said while advancing towards me.

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