Desperate For A Male Child

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

My name is Alex am from a rich family, I have only one brother name Andrew we are only two in the family, I lost my dad at a very tender age we missed him alot but since we are rich my mum used it in training us be for we become what we are today. I got married to my first girlfriend name Janet and her she is heavily pregnant for me with a son in his womb, since I am a man I also want a male children an so as to mother ( Mrs Linda) she also prefer a male child than female.

Sitting on the sofa thinking about my heavily pregnant wife and finally how am going to feel complete if she should put a male child to bed, thinking an smiling when I heard a loud scream from upstairs and I ran to the room to see what makes my darling wife screaming

Baby was wrong why are you screaming so loud what is frightening you


Sleeping peacefully on our matrimonial bed I had a dream being chased by so many masquerade and as I was heavily pregnant I feel on the floor facing those masquerade coming towards me to devour me but being weak only what I could say was Jesus please save me, then I wake realising that I was screaming.

I told my husband what happen in my dream

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