Episode 1

The joy she was feeling can’t be expressed in words. She looked at Segun who was also staring back at her with a big smile on his lips. The pastor signal to her to repeat after him, ‘’I Adeola Tolulope Adetutu in the presence of God and His angels join my life to……..she opened her eyes to hear her door being knocked, it was then she discovered she has being dreaming. ‘’Yes, who is that’’ she asked, ‘’it’s me ma, daddy says he want to see you before you leave the house today’’. She sat on the edge of her bed to check the time, it was 10:40am, and she picked her phone to call Segun.

‘‘Hello baby, how was your night, guess u slept well’’ asked adeola, in which segun casually answered ‘’fine’’. ‘’Ade, how far with that money, when are you sending it because am tired of you telling me to hold on’’

Before Adeola could reply him, Segun disconnected the call. She felt sad, ‘’why does segun like treating her like this’’, if not for some goods she just ordered for from U.S, she would have send the money. She is short of cash presently, and she has promised herself not to ask her dad for money. She remembered march 27th last year on her birthday, when her father presented her with a whole complex for her clothing store she as always dreamed off since she was a kid. She remembered it was two month after she completed her one year program in fashion school which she started immediately after youth service. She was brought back from her thought, when she heard her phone ringing, it was kemi calling her.

‘’Didi how far now’’ asked kemi, ‘’am fine ooo, how are you, bros J and anjola’’ asked adeola, we are fine ooooo, ‘’how far with those stuff you order for, they don land’’, asked kemi in pidgin language, ‘’no oooo, till next week Monday, ‘’what is wrong with you, you are sounding dul’’, asked kemi. Adeola felt like telling kemi about what segun did, but she cautioned herself and reminded herself that kemi does not like segun and she is even against her relationship with him. She claims segun is not a husband material plus he doesn’t love her but only her money

‘’Nothing dear, am ok, will u come over to d shop later on’’ asked adeola to distract her from going further in asking her what is wrong. ‘’Nope, today is anjola immunization, so I have to take her there’’. ‘’Ok, so when should I be expecting you’’, she asked, ‘’mayb next week Monday when those goods land, make sure u don’t open it till I come’’, adeola replied with a smile on her face, ‘’no problem about that, take care, extend my greetings to bros J and anjola’’, ‘’ok oooo, dey will hear,help me greet daddy also’’. Ok dear, byeee

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