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Mr Jude was a very wealthy man, not just a wealthy man, but a billionaire for that matter, he has many companies, empire and many estates, even people thought that he was into money ritual, but they got it wrong, Mr Jude was a successful business man both inside and outside the country.


He’s married to Victoria and they were blessed with three sons and a daughter named Bella, although Andrew whom everybody knew as their first son was adopted when Victoria was childless many years ago, before God answered their prayers and gave them other children but still Andrew was known as Mr Jude first son, Mr Jude loved Andrew so much, according to him he said that Andrew is a blessing to his home, so therefore he shall remain his first child no matter what. Mr Jude is an advanced man in his late 50s and he and his family resides in Abuja. Apart from his wife and children, there was a boy living with them whose name was Raphael, Raphael is the only child of his parents in the village, but his mother was late, she died when he was barely 3yrs and his poor father have been the one taking care of him since his mother passed away till he came of age, Raphael schooled in the village but didn’t complete his secondary education because things was very hard for his father and he could not afford his school fees anymore, so Raphael dropped out from school and decided to join his poor father in his farming, at least with that the burden will reduce for the father. This continue, not until one day Mr Jude decided to help them by taking Raphael to the city so that he can further his education because Raphael father was his childhood friend far back in the village, that was why he decided to help him by taking his son to the city to give him a good life, and that was how Raphael started living with Mr Jude and his family and he enrolled him in secondary school and he continue the class where he stopped, and within some years he finished his secondary School and came out with a good result, because he was brilliant, Raphael was 20 at that time when he finished his secondary education.


One night Mr Jude was sleeping when his wife Victoria woke him up in the middle of the night to have a discussion with him.

“Darling! what is it? he asked with a sleepy eyes as he sit up

“Honey, something have been bothering me and I don’t think that I will continue keeping quiet anymore “Victoria said

“And what is it that is bothering you? Mr Jude asked

“There is something I want to ask you “she said with a serious face

“And what is it that you want to ask me that you can not wait till morning?

Ah…. I can not wait till morning ooo, because is very important to me “she said and he sighed

“Ok, am all ears since you said that is important “Jude said waiting to hear what she wanted to say

“ok the reason why I woke you is because of Raphael””

“Raphael! what about him?he asked

“Now that Raphael have finished his secondary School, what do you intend to do with him? Victoria asked

“Intend to do with him, how? I don’t understand “Mr Jude asked confusedly

“what I mean is that, since he have finished secondary School, why don’t he look for job and keep himself busy with it, rather than staying at home all day doing nothing or should I say eating my food “she said frowning her face

“Oh… the food he’s eating is your problem, after all am I not the one providing it, am I complaining, and besides why telling me of Raphael looking for a job when am processing for him to go to university “he said and this made Victoria angry

“What did you just said now? she angrily asked


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