Episode 1

I received a call that faithful Tuesday alas! It was a call from my dad.

“mtchew” I hissed before picking. why would he call me in between an operation?
I had just started cuddling Success. Her name is Success, I swear I don’t even know her surname yet she had been at my place since Saturday, I always leave her at home whenever I go to work, and whenever I get back I will come and meet my ”matter”.

Success is a fat lady that whenever I call her “matter” she gets so annoyed and maybe starve me of S£x that day.

I remembered that night I called her ‘matter’ she got so angry that she slept without saying a word
, it was just the third day she came.
Anyways i didnt miss her until like 3 hours later, it was about some minutes around after 2am, success changed her sleeping position to backing me. The movement woke me up, that was when I knew what I had been missing. Success is so endowded that her yansh can conveniently carry 2 bottles of Maltina without touching each other. A well shaped rounded yansh. I can confess, success is blessed with this ukwuicious ukwu. Immediately she changed her position to facing me with those two edged Plump rocks, she slightly rubbed her strong butt0ckz on my already deflated deek, it was as if it got pumped, my diick was already at attention.

I don’t know why it got so larger than it was as if it got pumped, my diick was already at attention. I don’t know why it got the larger than it was before, I tried controlling myself, but after 5mins of battling massive erection, I got sober my strong heart melted and I started missing “my hot success”. I later decided to talk her out of her anger……….
……..if not for the fact that she was already snoring, I was thinking she truly wanted to punish me by giving me that backside shocker.

I tapped her at shoulder and she shrugged by moving her body like a moving snake.. “Ermm Ermm, success”, I called her name ‘you really don’t know what play is ooo, I wasnt meaning what I said, in fact I was trying to say something else, you really heard me wrongly”. I really don’t know what to say at that point all I was thinking was how I could possibly get a doggy from my “matter”.

“So you can actually called me a ‘matter’ Biodun”? Its okay, I actually sold myself cheap to you, when all I give to you is S£x and S£x, you already know how fat and thin my punnany is, why won’t i now become a matter to you. All this while she was talking all I was thinking was how I want to devour and slide in my rod into her red sea. The last word I heard from her was the mention of “matter”, and immediately something pulped into my brain.

“Haha, success, someone cannot play with you, is that how you use to do” that part of coker’s song. “So you think what I mean is this matter we learnt back in primary school se? No now, there is this particular Man Utd player called Mata, he is very handsome and so skillful, I was only praising you by comparing you with him. see, come and see his picture “ I opened my phone and I ran like Ussain Bolt into my browser, I typed ‘Juan mata’s picture’. Omo, come see better network, the thing just opened as autobiography, before i knew it she had already zoomed on the picture. I was happy with myself that I win surely win this challenge. She flicked my phone at me and then went back to sleep. I was so happy that I threw my phone on the rug and went into sleeping position too, I tried cuddling and yes, she responded like a waiting couple already waiting for the Pastor to say “you may kiss your bride”. We cuddled, fingered, kissed, I sU-Cked the both oranges on her chest, wait guys I want to digress…. I have two questions for y’all why is it that ladies with massive boothside seldomly have big boob’s? Hmm?… dunno ooo, number 2 though, why is it that most guys don’t even know the surname of the girls we have S£x with, I only remember those we went to school together, only their name is what I want to know. guys, what if (well, God forbid) the girl faints and got rushed to the hospital and you are asked her full name… anyway, it’s a rhetorical question.

Success and I got so romantic and i upped my game by trying to off her p@anties. oh boy, I got the shocker of my life, she said ’’I’m going to think about it, I still don’t know if you just lied to me” put yourself in my shoes at that moment , Jes! I felt the way you will feel
The morning came, I wasn’t going to work as it was public holiday, I woke up with this slight pain throughout my J0yst!ck region, it wasn’t severe, I guess was because of the mid-night vigil my J0yst!ck had, waiting for a prey to devour and yet none came. I got up, went into my fridge, I had an apple there, so I devoured it immediately without washing.

Success was still asleep when I went out to play sport bet, it was a Tuesday and champions league date too. After booking my game, I waited there to feel some side attraction, arguments and so on.

I got home around 11:30am and my room was smelling so nice and was very tidy you want to know what was smelling so nice ba? Yes , that my matter just finished preparing indomie with egg. You don’t want to know how hungry I was then, immediately I started eating the scrumtious meal, I remembered success is not even saying anything yet, she was just moving around the room only in her p@anties no bra, nothing, just pant!……. I had barely ate 3 spoonful of indomie, when my eye caught this shaking bum bum, Ha! Success want to kill somebody.

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