Diary Of The Grand Commander

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The King Is Back

I got promoted as the Head of IT Operations in a branch of my organization. With that promotion came my own personal office. It also meant more work. More proposals, more brainstorming, more IT Solutions. I was hoping they would add an official car to the mix but, I only had an official driver to my beck and call ONLY during office hours. Well, at all at all na him bad pass. Nothing spoil.

I resumed office to a lot of work load. The first few weeks were hell. I attended my first ever board room meeting with the trustees and then I knew I had my cup full. I did not even have time to think of ‘yanshing’ any one. My girlfriend had travelled outta the country and it was very hard for me to get laid. I hardly do random chicks. The only time I was acquainted with colleagues was during my introduction round the office. I met a lot of sweet and sexy female staff but all my thoughts of boinking any of them immediately disappeared when work began to deal with me. I heard rumours that I was a Jehovah’s Witness. Wetin person nor go hear for this life? I lived my life that way. Secluded in my office, working my ass off not to get demoted. I was celibate for about 4 months.

Then like magic, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

On the first week of the company’s new financial calendar, there was always a shuffling of staff, swapping staff from different branches from domestic staff to management level. I had completely forgotten about this when I resumed work on Monday morning. I walked into my office to meet a gorgeous beauty mopping the ground. She was light skinned, about 5ft 4, she had massive bre.asts which seemed to be struggling with her apron. I stood transfixed, my imagination wild with thoughts of devouring this sumptuous flesh, when her voice jolted me back to reality,

“Good Morning sir.” She greeted. Impeccable accent.

“Morning. And you are?” I asked, putting on the sexiest smile I had.

“Vivian sir. I was transferred from Apapa and I resumed this morning to relieve Bright.” Her voice sounded like an angel’s. I was looking at her but my brain was calculating the algebra of that mouth on my cork. I was getting hard. I stylishly moved sideways to drop my Ipad on my table, thereby covering the Hard-on.

“Ok.” I said and continued, “I will be in the reception. Let me know when you are done here.”

I walked out of my office, my brain doing mental maths of how to catch this okpeke. I had my mind made up. I had to have this babe by force by fire. I was walking and thinking as I went to the reception when i bumped into someone. I started apologizing when I looked up and saw who it was.

I was overjoyed!

“Eddy!!!! My main Geee!!!!” I screamed and hugged him. Eddy was the Store Officer from HQ and also my partner in crime at HQ. He had also been transferred to my location.

‘Guy, you no try o. You just bone me sha. No be so o” Eddy complained.

“Paddy mi, no vex. Na work o. How your side?” I asked.

We caught up on old times and re-visited our crimes at HQ. Between us we had yanshed many of the corpers that were posted to work there. We were talking about Anita when Vivian came to the reception and said,

“Sir, I am done. Your office is ready.”

“Thank you, Vivian.” I said as she walked briskly away.

Trust Eddy. Crazy guy.

“Oh boy! Wetin my eyes just see so?” He asked.

“Guy, don’t encroach o. That’s enemy territory. When I am done, I can remain some for you. Touch not my anointed…” I said.

“And do my prophet …” Eddy said and we both chorused, “NO HARM!!!”

We laughed and went to our different offices. I began to hatch a plan to yansh Vivian. Day after day, I tried. I was either too busy or the circumstances were too inappropriate.

However one day, two weeks later luck smiled at me .

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