Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

How did it even start sef? Okay, I remember, it all

started with Facebook and 2go. Who doesn’t have a

Facebook account or 2go, we started out with these

chatting site before bbm and the rest came.

I had numerous friends on Facebook, always receiving

different friend requests, also on 2go too, I met lot of different people, I met so many cute and ugly guys through this social networking site, I had sex

with some of them, we do the hook up thing a lot,

especially 2go, d–n! 2go is the fastest and easiest place to meet anyone for hook up,

especially those rooms on 2go, I’ve had sex with at least 6 guys from 2go, I dated some of them briefly can I even call that a date?

Cos after the sex we

hardly chat again, anyway being a very flirty girl in

my teenage days, I was so obsessed with cute

boys, big d—s and sex, I even ask guys out to date

me, I seduced them to f–k me, I’ve had sex with all the guys I had crush on, I even disvirgined some, i snatched some from my friends, I get what I want,

I’m a girl and I’m beautiful.

Wait, its not that I was

cursed or something but it is what I like and I can’t

do without it. I’m a born again christian, my dad is

an assistant pastor in my church, I’m a very talented chorister, I lead praise and worship very well in my church, they see me as a good girl but

some see me as a hypocrite, especially my father,

he loathes me, he doesn’t want to see me in his presence cos I love bringing shame to him.


cares? Its my life.

Now let start, like I said earlier I had sex with 6 guys

from 2go while I had just one and the last with a guy

from Facebook cos it wasn’t easy getting guys like

that on Facebook, I swear the only one I had with a

dude I met on Facebook became the most hurtful

part of my life and it actually became a turning point for me, I almost committed suicide.

The first guy I

met on 2go name is Damilola…..

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