Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It was a glorious Easter Sunday morning and I was high in the euphoria of the risen Christ’s celebration. Mom had shared with me the word of God from the Bible of Christ’s great love for humanity, and she even personalized it, saying

” Zion my baby, even if you were the only sinner on earth, Christ still would had died for your sake. For every insults he received, he thought about you and for every whip that landed on his back and incarcerated his flesh, he thought about you and bore them all in order to save you from destruction…”

Mum went on explaining the passion of Christ to me carefully and I couldn’t hold back my tears knowing that someone loved me so much as to pass through much pain,even unto death for my sake. I instantly wished I could see him, hug him and appreciate him for loving me faultlessly.

” Mom, I want to see Jesus and appreciate him for his love for me. Can you take me to him today?” I asked pleadingly with tears in my eyes. Mom smiled at me and drew me close to herself and began to explain,

“Jesus died, resurrected and ascended into heaven, but he can see and hear us from heaven.

The only way to reciprocate his love or appreciate him now is to accept him as your lord and saviour and then live every day of your life in today reverence and obedience to his word which are written herein the Bible” she said with simplicity.

“Just like that?” I asked with my eyes widely open in amazement.

“Yes, as simple as ABC” she said smiling.

“Then, am ready!” I screamed, “Jesus I’m ready to receive you as my friend!” I said and jumped to my feet looking up into the blue sky to show Jesus how willing I was.

“Sit down Z girl”, mom said laughing hard. She led me to say some prayers which wordings I can’t remember now, but i later learnt it was a sinner’s or salvation prayer . I was just 9years old and that was the beginning of my journey into what my mother called, ‘ JOURNEY INTO DESTINY’.

One night mom and I were fast asleep and in my sleep, I saw a dream in which a group of masked men were chasing after me. In my hands, I held something which seemed very Precious but I didn’t know its value. The appearance of it had the resemblance of a big star and these masked men were chasing after me to snatch it from me but I outran them and escaped.

Unknown to me, they had gone to lay ambush for me. I was happy within me knowing I had escaped and the fact that I was going to make mom proud made me happier. I arrived home, only to find my mom in a pool of her own blood. She was dead!

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