Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

^Frank’s POV^

I smiled as I watched my girlfriend walking towards me while I was having my lunch at the school canteen.

Meet my girlfriend, Angela.

Long dark hair, brown eyes, pointed nose, best stature, those dimples and her charming smile. In short, she is very beautiful and I’m totally in love with her.

She finally got to where I sat and said to me:

“Hi Handsome”

“Hi darling” I replied and offered her a seat opposite me.

“What’s that invitation card almost every students is with? ” She asked me and instead of answering the question, I asked a question too..

“…And where have you been? ”

“The library of course, have you been looking for me? ”

“Yeah, to have lunch with you and also to give to you my special invitation card” I said searching for it in my bag ~ which was on the table.

“What invitation card? ” She asked, surprised and confused.

I brought out an invitation card from my bag and handed it over to her.

“It.. It’s different from the ones I saw with the other students” Angela said receiving the card from me and she was surprised.

“Do you expect it to be the same? You are different from them remember? You are my girlfriend. Here it is, my special invitation card for you” I said and noticed she blushed.

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“Your birthday card? ” She asked while staring at the card.

“Yes baby” I replied.

“It’s next month and you already published out invitation cards”

“Delay is dangerous remember?” I said and she gave a short laugh.

Well, I can do everything I want as far as there’s money.

“That day will be a great day because I already invited the whole school including all the junior students”

“All? ” She exclaimed: “Then the principal must have heard about it, do you think she’ll be in support of it? ”

“Why not? I’m the School’s senior prefect afterall” I boasted and she smiled.

Aw, that charming smile.

She’s the only one with the best smile ever, it’s one of those things that made me fall for her completely.

“Frankie” We heard someone called my name and we looked up to see who it was.

It was Tyler and he is with George. They are my friends actually.

I scorned as I watched them come closer.. They’re always disrupting my sweet moments with my girlfriend.

“We know you both will be together” Tyler whined when they got close to us.

“As usual, the relationship between them is more than that of hive of ants and sugar” George added and both of them laughed.

“You both can be jealous all you want because nothing can change it, it would always be my girlfriend and I” I spelled and held her hand, intertwined it with mine.

Obviously, she was awkwardly shy. Does she really have to be shy? It’s three years already, she should have gotten used to it.

“I’ll leave now” Angela announced: “I’ll be in the library dear” She told me as she stood up to leave.

I almost forgot to tell you, my girlfriend is a librarian and she is a novel addict.

“Sure dear” I responded then I let go of her hand and I watched her as she walked away.

“So, why are you guys here? ” I asked them, George and Tyler.

“The principal wants to see you” Tyler answered.

I gasped, “Could it be that she already saw the invitation cards I shared? ”

“No, there’s a new girl” George said.

“What new girl? ” I questioned.

“A transferred student and guess what, she is bewitchfully beautiful” George said and I smirked.

“I overheard, she is the same class with us” Tyler said.

“A new student almost at the end of the session” I smirked.

“Whatever! Just go” They said.

“So what am I supposed to do? Why exactly is she calling me? ” I asked as I stood up.

“To go get the girl Of course” George said and I made an effort to almost punch him on his face.

“Chill dude” Tyler stopped me ~ confronting me. I wasn’t gonna punch him though. It was like a threaten..

“Being the school senior prefect, the principal wants you to show her around the school” He said.

“…And get me the girl” George added, laughing.

I left those two crazy friends of mine and I headed to the principal’s office, sighed first before knocking on it.

“Frank Collins, come in” She said from inside and I turned the knob and walked in.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted perfunctorily and behold! There was a marmaid with no tail sitted opposite her.

“AAhhhhhi… Hi” I tried to say Hi to the girl but it came out in a stammer.

I know I don’t stammer neither do I have a shakened voice but right now, my voice is sha…..king and brea..king.

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