Episode 1

We all stood in straight lines on the assembly ground. Being one of the tallest girls in my class, I stood at the far back end.

“Sing the National athem after count of three…1…2..3″the assembly prefect instructed.

The whole school sang except me. I wasn’t feeling so well that morning, I vomited thrice before coming to school, couldn’t eat breakfast cos I didn’t have appetite to..

“The pledge!”the prefect said again

“I pledge to Nigeria my country..”I managed to mutter before everything around me began to spin. I felt dizzy, I tried to steady my self, my palms became sweaty.

I rubbed my eyes, opened them, the whole school was spinning faster, I quickly shut my eyes, my head was spinning too…I passed out.


I opened my eyes again, only to find myself on the hospital bed.

My father was staring at me, disappointment written all-over his face.

“Kpele- sorry”he said when I tried to sit up.

What was going on? I rubbed my forehead to ease the pain.

“Teju..”My father began

“You know I love you, and will do anything to make you happy..”

I became tensed, something was wrong somewhere.

“I want you to tell me the truth…”he continued.

Truth of what? I asked myself

“tell me, Who did this to you?”his voice became shaky

“Who is reponsible for this pregnancy?”he said gently.

I frozed at the spot. Preg..what? Who? Me? Tejumola? Is this a dream?

I pressed my stomach firmly.

How can I be pregnant?

“Teju…”my father placed his hands on my back.

“Talk to me.”

I held his gaze for a moment, before looking away. I could feel the whole world crashing at my feet. Fat tears rolled down my cheeks. What would I tell my father?

“Don’t cry.”my father held my hands in his.

I turned to look at him, he was crying too.

“Its all my fault..”he lamented

“I should have spent more time with you..”

I could feel my heart splitting, should I tell him or not? David was far away in London…I’m finished.

My father hugged me”my daughter, I’m sorry, forgive me for not always having time for you”he whispered.

“I’m sorry Baami, I’m sorrrry”I wailed

“It’s alright, don’t cry anymore, I’m here for you, I’d take good care of you.”he patted my back soothingly.I didnt tell who was responsible for my pregnancy and i had no intention of telling him later.

I could see the guilt in his eyes.he really blamed himself for my predicament and i sincerely was sorrowful in heart for letting him down.I wish my mother was alive,this might not have happened to me.I hate maami.Her hostile attitude towards me played a part in ruining my happy life.

My thoughts were far far away.How can i raise a child under my father’s roof.How can i raise my head in the public.David is overseas.I never knew this would ever happen.I never dreamt of it.

My loud sobs echoed through the walls

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