Fell In Love With A Bad Boy

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Ist person’s p.o.v

Becky looked at Benita once again. She gazed at the fast appearing sun and sighed. Biting her lips she knew she had to do exactly what she had promised not to do. Shaking her elder sister furiously she shouted” Benita wake up!”. Benita stared yawned and faced the other side of the bed. waking up her sister was getting stressful Becky realized she then had an idea.

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. leaning over her sister’s ear she said”I made sandwiches” and Benita sat straight up. ‘where’s the sandwich,?’she asked looking around . “There is no sandwich I did it to make you wake up now get ready or else we’re gonna be late”Becky ordered.

second person’s p.o.v

Ann stared at the mirror applying her eyelashes and make up. she was more than one hour late to work but If she doesn’t apply this makeup then she wouldn’t be going anywhere. She was still appyling her makeup when the room door was open. she immediately covered her face and shouted at the intruder who was her daughter “Pamela how many times have I told you to knock before entering!!” She warned. ‘sorry mom it was very important’pamela said apologetically

. “I don’t want to hear a word just get out of my sight!”Ann ordered and Pamela Left the room

It’s strange Pamela wondered she had never remembered seeing her mom without makeup what is she hiding? shrugging her shoulders she ran to join her siblings waiting in the parlour

third person’s p.o.v

Lanre waited among the crowd as he waited breathlessly for her. He was going to give her the shock of her life she should just wait and see. He had told her he was going to be back and lanre wasn’t going to break his promises.. he was a man of his words and she shall learn the hard way

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