Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Folake fainted immediately she saw her father with the same lady she saw in her dream.She was out for a pretty long time and her friend and parents had a tough time reviving her.her mother even suggested that they rushed her to the hospital before things got out of hand.

”Let us get this girl to the hospital before she dies.I dont understand the meaning of all this.I cannot afford to toy with her life.She is all i have in this world,” Grace warned tearfully.

”Take it easy mama folake.It is just a case of fainting and she will soon be fine.There is absolutely no need for panicking,” mr alabi reasurred her wife.

As if to confirm her father’s submission,folake suddenly stirred morosely,lazily opening her eyes.She only saw her mother,her father and comfort by her bedside,not noticing the lady staring wide-eyed at her by the corner of the room.She opened her eyes wider and quickly got up,looking vacantly around,surprise and amazement was written all over her face.


”where am i? Eh? where am i?” she asked nobody in particular.

Everybody looked at one another in utter bewilderment.

”folake,calm down and stop shouting.Nothing bad has happened.You just fainted and i am sure you will be okay in no time.You only need rest,okay?” mr alabi told her in an affectionate but relieved voice.

”Pleas,tell me it was not her i saw.somebody please tell me it was not her and everything will be okay,” folake said again and again,ignoring her father’s pleas.

it was then that her mother recalled the dream that folake had just narrated before she passed out.The thought filled her with dread.She lowered he head in deep thought.

folake managed to go out to ease herself with comfort closely assisting her.on getting out,folake saw the lady she saw in her dream.She scream loudly that even the lady was starteled.

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