Episode 1

I was running from no where to some where when I saw Tola being tied to a tree. I stopped to help her untie the rope. as I was to set her free, two hefty men jumped out from nowhere.

both men:: na you be the person abi?
me:: na me be watin? (looking around maybe I can see any body that can help us escape)
one of them came to me telling me that his boss name is Kunle and there’s nothing I can do

Kunle:: killer, what are you doing with that thing? come let’s kill them na.
Tola was still crying… they tied me to the same tree with her. as they were about to pull the trigger, I don’t know were the slap came from. the slap landed on my back, I woke up sweating Christmas goat..

me:: thank God, na dream.
Godwin:: adeblow, watin dey happen?
sorry guys, Godwin is my best friend
me:: the dream carry school bag with books.. you remember that chikala girl when I tell you say I dey like so?

(Godwin nodding his head like agama lizard) I see her for my dream, in fact I hug her self, o boy body do me grigri. but some guys be wan kill us together but I don’t know why.
**Godwin:: *laughing* adeblow, you be fool. girl when you no get the courage to talk to, you come dey happy say hug her for dream.
(sorry guys, Tola is the girl of my dream, the girl I wish to have as my girlfriend but I did not have that courage to woo her and tell her about my feelings)
Godwin:: wait o, they b wan kill you? watin they want?
me:: I don’t know. but one of them tell me say the other guy name na Kunle
Godwin:: you know them
me:: no, satin go make me know them?
Godwin:: this na warning say make you nor go close to that girl.
me:: warning say make I nor love? abeg leave that matter I go summon courage talk to her one day just watch and see..
Godwin:: okay sir, but no talk say I nor warn you…

this part is so boring right? I know but the sweetness will soon come out. all I need now is words of encouragement from you guys..

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