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When a wedding starts on a deceptive note, how possible is it for it to last long? This is one of such cases. In this story, Kingsley, a broke playboy deceived and got married to Esther. She finds out about his deception on the last day of their honeymoon and her love for him totally melts away. On that same day did Kingsley find out that he truly loved this woman he deceived.

To avoid embarrassment of a divorce, Esther stays in the marriage but it is controlled by bitterness and hatred. Kingsley tries to gain her love back but she refuses until he is frustrated and now wants a divorce.

Is there any possibility of love between this two again? How will it occur if it would ever? Find out in this mind blowing story.

This particular Friday was more special than others. More so for me, Kingsley Dike because not only is it Valentine’s day, it is also my one year wedding anniversary. I made up my mind to go all out to impress my wife. She is after all the wife of my dreams. All I want to do is worship the ground she walks on. We decided to wait for a year before having babies so I am also excited that after this anniversary, it will be a free pass. I have been home all day with no meetings to attend. I finally dressed up and left home around 2 pm.

The lady I paid to come decorate the house is going to pick up the key under the mat of our lovely three bedroom flat in Festac town. I am heading out to pick the cake and buy the three course meal like I had planned. It promises to be a memorable anniversary and valentine.

I finally got back home around 6pm, due to traffic and the fact that I made a quick detour to a supermarket to buy her a perfume in addition to the other gifts I had gotten. Nothing is too much for Esther. She just has it all. I knew she was going to get home at anytime and the decorating team had definitely exceeded my expectations with petals and candles every where.

The bed is definitely a masterpiece and even our bathroom was not left out. All glitters and sparkles everywhere. Esther will definitely be impressed. I put the wine in the fridge and went ahead to set the table.

I decided to make sure she ate first before going to the shower and letting it go from there.
While I sat down waiting, my mind drifted back to two years ago when I met Esther.

Our meeting was quite strange. Who would have thought that it was one of the many strange Nigerian situations that will bring me to my wife. We met at a petrol station during fuel scarcity. We were both on the queue trying to enter the station while a man tried to boycott the line and drove straight into her front from nowhere.

Trust my wife never to be quiet when she feels cheated, she got out of her car and just would not stop raking.

I watched her from behind in my car looking so beautiful and classy even though she was terribly angry. I had to get down later to calm her down but I knew from that moment I had met my wife.

The sound of her car driving in jolted me out of my reverie. I looked around to make sure all was set and stood by the side so that once she opened the door she could see the candles and petals first.

The smile on my face however faded away so fast immediately she came opened the door and saw it all, she shouted,
“Kingsley, what the hell is all these bulls***?”

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