Episode 1

2months later Ava got a job too, it was another phase of celebration, a month later Williams came back work and meet Ava sleeping, it was already 7:23pm, he woke her and she stood up with a sad look,

his heart skipped because since they got married it has been blissful,

what is wrong baby?

he curiously asked her but she remained adamant, he was confused, he picked her phone and went through her messages, perhaps she received an odd news but there was none,

he turned to her again to ask her more questions but then she was sobbing, he was shocked,

now tell me, what is wrong? were u sacked from work? he asked again but she continued sobbing, he was totally confused,

later she stood up and he followed, she led me to the dining and pointed her finger to a write up on the wall, it was written

‘Honey you did it, I am pregnant, you will soon be a father, we will soon be parents’

wow, it was actually a prank he said as he embraced her and kissed her her tummy, the joy when remembers that he is going to become a father soon knew no bound,

baby he is going to be a boy and we are going to name him Andre, he whispered into her ear while she smiled,

what if it is a girl? she asked him,

I will be so happy, we will name her ‘ Diamond’

he replied as he carried her into the bedroom. the pregnancy journey started, he practically carried her as an egg and made sure she never lifted a pin at home all through the pregnancy, he did all the house chores in fact it was as if they carried the pregnancy together!

he bought her a car too so that going to work will be easier

then she fell into labor while he was at work, she was home alone that day, she picked up her phone to call him but on a second thought she felt it will be better she finds her way to the hospital and surprise him with the goodnews after delivery, she hurried, took her things to the car and drove herself to the hospital, within 4hrs she delivered a very cute baby boy!

Her baby was wrapped and brought to her bed, very cute with pink lips, becoming a mother is beautiful thing, she said as she picked up her phone to call Williams,

he almost threw his phone away put of excitement when she told him that Baby Andre is out,

Hold on I am coming to the hospital right away, he said as he ended the call,

3hrs later he was not yet in the hospital and the hospital is supposed to be a 20mins drive,

she called his number severally but he did not pick his call,

she became restless, she called Kunle his friend and colleague but he did not answer too,

about 2hrs later her husband called, she picked the call immediately but she heard a different voice from the other end, what is the person trying to say? Let’s see in Episode 2

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