Episode 1

She would constantly tell me that she wants to protect me from all these Highway girls

I guess she started thinking that I was a cheat the day she saw me looking at the b**ttocks of another lady.

I tried to make her believe that I was just admiring the lady’s red gown but she insisted that I was looking at her bombom!!

“Honey,how would I even look at another lady’s b*tt?

Moreover it is not as big as yours”, I said.

Wife: Ooooh So you have even measured her bombom in your heart right??

Me: Sweetheart, it is not like that .it’s just that….

She cuts in….

My wife: We shall see in this house

From that day, my wife was showing me the promised Land but never allowed me to enter it

She would wear transparent night wears to get my attention but she would use our pillow to separate us so that I will not cross the boundary.

My wife started doing things that will affect me at night because she knows that I loved hunting at night…

One of the nights, She wore a red skimpy revealing night gown that was about to make me go crazy…

As I wanted to touch her, she said..

Wife: Bia, if you touch me tonight eeeeh, I will wound you ooo

Me: Honey, why are you doing this to me??

I have paid for it oooo…

My wife: It was yours till that day I caught you staring at that lady’s b*tt.

If you ever touch me tonight eeeeh, I will shout “r*pe” so that outsider would hear us.

I reluctantly left her to sleep but she never knew I had plans on how to make her go crazy just like I did

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