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Hi friends, I am going to narrate a sexual encounter I had with my aunt sometime back. Before that, I shall describe myself.

My name is aravind, 24 years old working in an IT company in Bengaluru. Any aunties or girls would like to have fun , Leave the feedabck and also ping me

I have an average muscular body with a 6-inch black cock. Since childhood, I have been very fond of my aunty and keep visiting her whenever I get a holiday. My aunt’s name is Sona, she is 40 years old with an amazing curvy body which any man would dream to fuck.

My aunty has big boobs and a nice juicy bubble butt. Her complexion is wheatish. As aunty is into fitness, she has a perfect shapely body and she looks much younger than her actual age. Her husband works in Europe and comes home twice a year. They have one son who is in college in London.

One particular weekend, I decided to visit my aunt since my aunt lives alone and likes my company.

I reached her place in the afternoon and my aunty welcomed me in with a big hug. Gosh!! The feeling of my aunty’s boobs pressing against my body got me excited. She was having a glass of wine and was preparing lunch. She offered me a glass of wine and said that lunch will be ready soon. While aunty was cooking, I was sitting and talking to her and admiring her beautiful body.

My aunty was wearing a semi-transparent black short nighty that day. I could easily see my aunty’s sexy pink lingerie through her nighty, and it was barely containing her big boobs. Her deep cleavage was visible and it was shining since she must have nicely massaged it with some cream.

The nighty was above her thigh, so her full legs were visible. And they looked so smooth and shiny. I was dreaming of fucking my aunty in my head while we were talking.

After a while, we had finished quite a few glasses of wine and done with lunch. We were quite drunk by now.

“How was the lunch?”, aunty enquired.

“Amazing as always, Sona. Uncle is very lucky to have a wife like you!!”, I said with a naughty smile.

“Thank you, dear, I am glad your here to give me company sometimes. If you weren’t here, I would feel so lonely”, she said while clearing the table. “Your uncle barely comes to visit, and it makes me feel unwanted!!” aunty said with a depressed expression.

I helped aunty clean the dishes and we both sat on the sofa to relax. We were sitting very close and then she placed her head on my shoulder.

“I love meeting you, Sona. You are very sweet and I have always dreamed of having a wife like you”, I said.

Aunty turned towards me and whispered in my ears,”Your uncle and I haven’t had sex in years. That man doesn’t know how to satisfy a woman. I can be your wife for this weekend and you can show me how you would satisfy your lovely wife!”. Saying this, aunty bit my ears and started licking it and at the same time, she also placed her hand on my dick!

Hearing all this, a shiver ran through my body, I couldn’t believe my luck. My dream was actually coming true and I was really gonna fuck my hot aunty! Omg!! Wow!! The mere thought gave me an instant boner and I was so horny. I turned and started making out with my aunt, (or should I say ‘my wife’!)

I and my horny aunty were wildly making out now, our tongues were overlapping and our saliva was swapping and mixing. My aunty sure knew how to make out. She was sucking my tongue and biting my lips.

I ripped her nighty open and grabbed her boobs and started pressing them. Aunty pulled my t-shirt out and started kissing my neck, chest, and abs. She licked and bit my nipple. I unhooked my aunty’s bra and released her beautiful melons. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. I wildly started sucking on aunty’s one boob while squeezing the other. She was softly moaning with pleasure.

Her nipples were erect and she had big areoles which were light brown in colour. While sucking her melons, I put my one hand inside aunty’s pantie to caress her pussy. It was nicely trimmed and was wet. I slowly guided one finger over her pussy, aunty spread her legs to welcome my finger inside.

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