Benita , flora (come outside and see ooo) Beatrice kept shouting and hissing “rubbish ” she clap her hands looking upset ”

ogini ( Benita came out looking surprise “chai! This is poor nosence o”

oga landlord no fit use in own spoil our market now ,abi which one be this ”

Wetin happen, why the noise ” Alex came out of the room using spray “your papa done lock gate “Beatrice spoke pointing to the gate

lock Wetin ” sugar boy rush out buttoning his shirt ”

which kind Kasala be this “flora sat down placing her hand on her forehead “she noticed the ring on her phone and pick “honourable ”
Honourable : flora what going on now ” am in front of the hotel waiting for you ”
Flora : honourable something came up oo” it best you arrange another girls
Honourable :what! After 500 hundred thousand ”
Flora :ehn! Ehn “Abeg commot for here “flora hung up lighting cigarettes ”

Wetin this man do no make sense rara” Beatrice sat beside flora staring at the gate

“they noticed brother John voice and hiss ” Jesus is the Lord of lord” babalawo bound down before him “he dance out of his room to the gate ” non of them answered his greetes ”

council come house ” he ask looking surprise “no, na counselor ” Beatrice replied him looking upset ”

madam Beatrice .it best you respect yourself

“if I don’t .what would you do ” Beatrice stood up and use her chest to hit him “I wouldn’t do anything ”

brother John excuse from her returning to his room and making a sign of the cross on his head ”

mama chukudi off to choir practice ” ngozi came out of her room singing “she ignored everyone she met sitting and walk to the gate ”

who close this gate “ngozi dropped her bag looking upset ” jamb question ” Alex replied dusting his shoe ” ngozi laugh clapping her hands ”

your case no fit pain me ” no one except someone with big head to have brain ” na nail, nylon “go full your brain ”

me ngozi ” Alex stood up in anger “what would you do ” ngozi held his clothes looking upset ”

una no get brain for this house rara ” eniola came out holding her gown up ” and you “she pointed to Alex “you just get dick you be woman “Abeg commot for road make I passed

” she noticed the door lock and kept raining curse “Diana rush out covering her ear “hey woman. Can’t you do without curse ”

una na see oo”na pakeree come out con cry ”

do you just call me that , stupid name ” ehn! What are you going to do ”

watch me ” Diana gave her slap “that is to correct you am” Diana ”

Yeeeeeeeh “shift make blood no stain you ” eniola push Alex and ngozi to the gate “she removed her wig and decend on Diana ” she kept screaming “darling, darling ” help ”

Alex and ngozi continue with their fight at the other side ” rose rush out capturing “sugar boy was the referee……….

please stop begging me “I only let you in because I respect you ” Felix message Diana eyes with warm water ”

baby easy ” sorry my dear “see what you wife did to mine darling.ever since I got married to her I never raised my hand on her ”

your wife con thought her lesson abi, no worry

” it you am begging since now “please don’t let her sleep at the cell, she allergic to mosquito ”

oh! You concerned about mosquito “see the way she deal with my wife ”

please leave am getting angry ” Felix push ayo out closing the door ”

Yeeeeeeeh ” Diana you fuck up. Na only me you dey get mouth for “see what a woman like you “done to you ”

hey are you making jest of me “Diana look sobber “no baby. why would I ”

chai! that woman na beast “she is not human being at all ”

ouch! Add balm “Diana lay down flat holding her forehead (who is faulty landlord or tenant)


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