WhatsApp Adventure (Season 3)



we woke up early in the morning getting ready for the upcoming event,, chuks has been more more busy,, he is even up before me,, I saw him reading writing on the study table,, and this days he never do away with his dictionary,, he was ready getting hard words for his work,, I smiled and headed to the bathroom to refresh,, me I don’t get that kind of busy nah,, because when ever something enters my head,, it’s in there,, I have already got all I have to report on my head,, so I brushed my teeth washed my face and wiped it with my towel,, I don’t even want to disturb him,,

at 10 we all have already gathered at our usual meeting spot,, every body was nervous even me,, this debate is to kick off around 11. we did our practice again,, on the topic,, because the first topic they gave us to study was,, “TEACHERS ARE MORE FAR BETTER THAN OUR LEADERS” but I forgot to tell you that they letter changed the topic to “” PRIVATE SCHOOLS IS MORE BETTER THAN GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS,” reason best known to the organisers at 10 45am, when we were sure that we are good to go,, we all headed to the school hall were principal and all the teachers and staffs were already seated patiently waiting for the time to hit, we go to the hall and headed for the seat that was arranged for the ss1 class,, at around 10.50 the jodge stood up and grabbed the microphone as he speak

judge. good morning my principal, my teachers my fellow jodges and to all the students,

all responded,,

judge. this our 17th edition of this school debate,, it is to enlighten our student,, and make them strong on there works,,and to also make them study hard,, this is for the future of our students,, and this is also to entertain our viewers from the seats,, so right about now,, I present to you,, the defending champions of this school debate,, they faught black and blue last term to maintan this position,, and I know they are more than ready to fight again this term,, so ladies and gentlemen without wasting your time,, I present to you the ss2 class,

immediately there 5. participants came out heading for the front seat were the competition will be held,, when I saw them,, I became more nervous than ever,, even amina noticed it as she held my hand, senior Ivie was among them,, she is very intelligent,, and she is not the kind of girl that believes in defeat,,

jodge. that’s good, look at how beautiful and handsome they are,, today they are going to oppose the motion that says” private schools are more better than government school,,”
and right now I will present to you,, the only class I admire so much,, the class with respect and integrity,, the class with the most handsome and beautiful set of guys,, the most intelligent class,, you know this class was supposed to have won this competition last term,, but they couldnt,, the ss2 class showed the seniority in them,, but this is the only class that kicked out the ss3 out of this competition last term, but ss2, became the road block,, so ladies and gentlemen I present to you the ss1 class….

we got up from our seats and also headed to the main table,, were we got seated face to face with the ss2 class,,

jodge. and they are to defend the motion that says “private schools are more far better than government school,,” we are private school,, so I believe they are here to defend us,,
so ladies and gentlemen right about now,, I will start with the ss2 class first participant,,

a girl stood up and opposed hardly on the matter,, she speaks more big grammar that made me believe that we are already out,, after about 5 minutes the jodge sounded the bell, notifying her that her time is up,, while all the student clapped for her in a noisy way,, even the teachers and jodges,,

to be continued…..???

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