Give your life to Christ .Jesus is Coming soon”brother and sister repent, repent oooooooo
Arm robber you going no where, prostitute no place for you in paradise, gossiper, yahoo boy Ritualist ”
picking pocket and gangster “I don’t want to mention names I for call you “(brother John stood at the compound screaming and demonstrating )
you Wey never marry “you pack come meet your boyfriend “morning serious knacking ,afternoon marathon sex “in fact una dey do am for bathroom ha!
Hell is waiting for you ” oga landlord you going no where “money never due you dey torment tenant ”
hell, hell “give your life to Christ” I done say my own ” as for me and my family ,we are protected “heaven straight ” he paused when he heard loud noise coming from the neighbor room ”
una done start ooo

chai! Who stole my pants “ewo! No try me release my pant ” ngozi came out of the room tying wrapper ”
calm down ngozi . Wetin happen (John held her hand holding his Bible) Abeg no touch me ,my body dey hurt ” she knock at sugar boy room and watch him came out of the room with boxer looking annoyed ”
Wetin happen . I own you money why you dey knock my door ”
where is my pant. She stretched her hand looking upset ”
is like you are mad “I resemble dry cleaner ” bad market “sugar boy turn to enter his room
“ngozi dragg him back with his boxer ” sugar boy you looking for trouble ooo” everybody see me see whala oo”sugar boy and his friends have stole my pants ”
Wetin happen “mama chukudi rush out holding her wrapper ”
thank you. Ngozi fried sugar boy blocking his way ”
fine. I forgot to pack my pants inside last night ” now I can’t see it, everyone knew the kind of job sugar boy and his friends are doing “tell them to release my pants
hey don’t even mention it “sugar boy fired in anger ” are we the only yahoo boys in this area, warn yourself ” sugar boy excuse to his room closing his door ”
Haba! Ngozi .you shouldn’t have been careless now ” mama chukudi spoke picking her broom “haven’t you heard “pant is the logo for Benz ”
Yeeeeeeeh … sugar boy as kill me oooo
They have stole my pants oooooooo ” ngozi kept shouting ” she noticed everyone departed from her “she excuse inside looking upset………. …….
Stop here” bike dropped flora, Benita and Beatrice in front of the gate looking tired ”
they kept discussing about the party and their client ”
jeohova ”

John scream loudly holding brush ” he glanced at their dressing, showing every part of their body “the Lord is my strength ” he makes sign of cross on his head ”
repent, repent ” kingdom of God is near ”
Benita hiss and lead the way inside ” flora sat outside and light up cigarettes ” she blew it out eyeing John ”
she stood up immediately and rush to call the rest of her friends, when she noticed oyinda coming down from the bike ”
they all kept praising her while she kept smiling “babe please stop. I hate when people shout on me ”
we are sorry jare, don’t mind flora and Beatrice
” actually, am not in the mood to talk ” my boyfriend gave me serious warning never to mingle with you ”
why. “Benita stares at herself ” you know the kind of job you are doing now , he don’t want me to have any kind of relationship with you ”
talk to you later ” they all watch her cat walk from their mist” Benita break the silent laughing and pointing at her ” wale personal ashawo” she kept laughing ”
don’t mind her Benita “flora continued with her smoke “the only different between her and us ” we have lot of client but her own na wale
sheybi you see sey she done bend”
wale no dey give am rest ” they all laugh loudly making jest of her ”
they noticed wale coming out of the room “they cleared their voices and excuse to their room one after the other
you for continue, gossipers. I don’t know how you affected “ashawo ” he stood in front of their door shouting ”
Benita came out laughing ” thank you . Na our job be that ”
what different does it make with the pakeree you put inside you call wife ”
Yeeeeeeeh “how dare you ” wale rush inside and came out with nothing ” if not because my baby beg me I for show you”
stupid fellow ” so you can call us prostitute “you better don’t make me say your favorite style ” flora blew smoke in his eyes
Yeeeeeeeh ” Jesus is Lord “bro John excuse from their mist ” using his Bible to cover his ear ”
wale couldn’t speak and turn back to discover oyinda ” baby is not true oo ” wale ran after her “Benita and Beatrice kept making jest of him*

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