Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Jada, where the hell are we?” I asked nervously, noticing the bad feeling in my stomach grow rapidly with each passing second. The dark alley we had just turned down only worsened it as I gazed out the window, watching light rain fall over the cool window.

I heard my older sister answer, “Look, you’re the one that wanted to tag along, remember that.”

Shaking my head, I retorted, “That still doesn’t answer my damn question.”

I watched as she glared at me from the driver’s side of the car, pulling down yet another dark road. She answered, “Just chill… it’s not anything bad. Well… it kinda is, but it’s not dange-” she cut her sentence short, “Just wait till we get there.”

“Why can’t you just tell me?”

“Because I can’t.”


“You might try to talk me out of going and I need to be there tonight.”

I fell silent as I thought that maybe I was about to be a main character in a horror film or something while Jada continued to drive painfully slow. My eyes were darting around the street, and I noticed that we had gone from a deserted road to a road that actually had cars parked on curb, which I gratefully celebrated in my head.

She eventually pulled off to the side and parallel parked, looking at me, “We’re here.”

I looked around as I shrugged, “What is here?”

She rolled her eyes, “Just… c’mon Bree.”

I got out of the car and walked beside her down the dark street towards this building, which was also giving me a weird feeling. I suddenly debated on whether or not I should text someone and let them know where we were just in case. Then again I had no fucking clue where we were so that would be pointless.

I shoved my hands into my jacket, “What is this, an underground club or something?”

I received yet another vague answer, “Something like that.”

Jada led me up to a building that actually had a few people outside which made me feel a little bit better knowing we weren’t the only humans out here. Then again it was still sketchy, and not just because it was dark and out in the middle of an abandoned part of town.

We walked up to a door that had an extremely built guy who I pinned as a body guard or bouncer of some sort. He glanced at Jada and nodded, letting her in without saying a single word. I thought, What the hell was I about to walk into?

Then we walked through the door and down a flight of stairs. I could immediately hear loud rock music blaring through the walls as I quickly pinned this as a club, which seemed to be the only logical explanation. Then as soon as we made it through the basement-like-door I realized that wasn’t the case.

The open room was bright, loud chatter erupting and blending with the ongoing rock music that kind of made me want to hit someone’s face in. The first thing I took notice to was the caged ring in the middle, barricaded off so that the audience couldn’t get too close.

Jada grabbed my arm and dragged me to a bar located on the far side of the room, “Want a drink?”

I rolled my eyes, “I want you to tell me what we’re doing here.”

Ignoring me again she turned to the bartender and ordered, leaving me to keep to myself and look around. I was still holding my phone tightly in the palm of my hand, wondering why the hell we were here and when we were leaving. I knew Jada had always liked the UFC thing and all but this definitely wasn’t that and I was immediately confused.

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