Episode 1

its 10 am damn its my last day in this uniform…anyways it was a mixed feeling I am Happy cos I am done with sec skool but sad cos I am going to miss us…well we promised to visit each other.. in no time my mum pulled up and it was adios.
Entering the compound mum went back to work I wondered who was home praying it should Sisi unfortunately it was Nene
Me: good afternoon
Nene: afternoon ah… u home? woah so soon? U done with exams?
Me: which one make I answer but I just said yes for all of em she was surprised seeing me n became uncomfortable
Nene: welcome
Me: thanks wat of Sisi?
Nene: you knw na she isnt always home
Me: ok smiled and rolled my box to my room filled with new collections of X-trated videos.
Showered and in a few minutes heading to the kitchen when I got a shocker
Nene: ur food is ready o
Me:confused something she has neva done b4 for me..I surprise I come say thank you…she was acting nice asking about my exams n stuff . Finished my food, rinsed my plate n thanked her once again.
Nene: welcome
Me: no lectures today?
Nene: there is but its in the evening so i decided staying @ home as there was light n see a movie n the silly nepa took the light
Me: its ok when you are back now u’ll complete it na
Nene: no ah me I want to return the movie she sounded crios
Me: surprised. . wats the title?
Nene:she was uncomfortable n said one movie like that sha
Me: ok n went to my room
Nene was so worried abt Nepa giving light so she could eject her movie n return it that she even suggested getting fuel to on generator so she can eject it as the generator went off on its on last night..

I agreed to help her out I told her she shouldn’t worry about getting fuel that I will unscrew the vcd and remove the disc for her….
Nene: strongly said no that i could damage the vcd
Me: Y? Av done this severally
Nene: now visibly angry said no
After a lil agreement I walked away confused, surprised as Nene went to get her fuel. Out of curiosity I unscrewed the vcd, what I saw got me confused I decided to remove the disc and place it on top the vcd

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I waited for Nene to return…How did she get to find out my stashed X-trated videos? Is any one aware other than her, mostly my parents? I remembered my mum sayin we needed to tlk when she is back.. my liver failed me, is not even upto a day since I returned home and I am in this kind of mess. I regretted erything… Finally Nene came bck…
Me: Nepa gave light o…
Nene: what? And ? Did u eject it?
Moment of silence as she was ashamed as per say she na holy she d form and me was afraid if my parents were aware I wnted asking but words were not coming out of my mouth….
Nene: am sorry I went through your stuffs am truly sorry i shouldn’t av done that… she pleaded n went on expalinin as she normally read in my room when m not around to avoid distraction frm Sisi and cockroach led her there as she tried to kill a cockroach. …
Me: relived now it means my parents are not aware n she cant tell cos she s guilty too for watching and she wont dare chastise me…
Nene avoided me for days cos she was ashamed but me was over it and upgraded my security system..

With lips locked, we kissed as if we are in a contest..our tongue searching each others mouth as if there is a hidden treasure.. my hands busy @ the the b0s0m department handling and twisting the Tips. Breaking away from the kiss, I kissed her neck and moved slowly down to the b0s0m I sU-Cked n sometimes gave a lil bite on Tips….she took my hands and lead me to her treasure island as I took over and manipulated her with great expertise from all the experienced I av had frm watching X-trated. She became so wet and her legs started shaking..all of a sudden she rolled me over and before i could say no that we needed a condom she was already sitting on my D….k as I slid in slowly she held her tummy as she closed her eyez …inside her was warm and and nice…she rode in slow motionz as she m0aned…123 I began breathing fast as I felt my muscles tightening I closed my eyes and l shot for the starz… n went from turgid to flaccid as she was still trying to ride on. Before I could say Goodluck Jonathan I had a dirty slap….WTF I shouted…Nene stood up picked up her clothes looked at me and said waste of time hissed and left me sprawling on the couch with my palm on my cheek……..

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