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In a world full of strive in a kingdom called Gava which is in the east side a high mountain was their where an ancient keeper are said to guide it from evil the mountain was very near the kingdom many people talk about it having hearing that their was a mystical magical legendary sword on the mountain dipped inside an hardened rock.

The sword was said to be powerful indeed having a mystical magical power, according to the oracle and the elders in the kingdom with the priest of the land it was said that whosoever that remove the sword out of the mystical magical rock will become invincible and will be powerful and also will be granted with a mighty power, having controlling it, what makes peoples to step aside for it is that the sword only choose those that are worthy of it, many warriors in the land from strong to the weaker one from brave to the coward one has tried but all seem hopelessly the sword become a dog without a master.

As times goes an emperor in the same kingdom who reveal to be emperor Chang one of the first six emperor ever to be feared in the east land, he has been a spy to the kingdom before probably not born as a native of the kingdom, he got to his rank when killing some great enemies of the land.

Sometimes later he changed, becoming a fearful emperor and the one not to be trust,becoming a wicked being having killing some innocent people just to achieve his goals in becoming the ruler of Gava kingdom and still determining to rule over the kingdom.

He learns that what he could only do is to have access to the magical sword,he knows that the sword only choose those that are worthy of it, he could keep trying to break the rock but for him it was impossible.

He kill the guardians of the mountain wanted to achieve his great prize by all cost then learns from his mentor that the chosen one was the only one that will able to have the sword, so he kill his mentor too due to his anger, having learning that the chosen one was from Sarim family.

He was very exited on learning that, thinking that it was going to be great indeed and will be easy for him to have it and he was going to use the opportunity.

Emperor Chang with his fellow warrior arrived at Mr Sarim hut.

Emperor Chang: I have come

Mr Sarim: welcome oh lord

( bowing his head )

Emperor Chang: this not time to be welcoming a person that have an important issue to solve.

Mr Sarim: did the king sent you to us

Emperor Chang: probably not,I just come for myself

Mr Sarim: what should I offer you

Emperor Chang: nothing

Mrs Sarim: why nothing,it is a great thing to have you general emperor in our home.

Emperor Chang: I have no time to waste, now where is your son.

Mr Sarim: my son.

Emperor Chang: yes your son,or did you have a son,or are you hiding him from me

Mr Sarim: sorry sir,what did my do, what has he done

Emperor Chang: he his going to do something that is going to shock the whole world.

Mrs Sarim: what did Mike did to you

Emperor Chang: I have learn something great about him, and it reveals that he was the true chosen one by the god of this land

Mr Sarim: if possible,my son did not know anything about this,he just think of becoming a good skill warrior like you.

Emperor Chang: so that mean if he become a skill good fear warrior of Gaza like me that he was going to kill me.

Mrs Sarim: we don’t think as you think,we don’t mean that.

Emperor Chang: now where is him

Mr Sarim: for me to protect and save my boy, I don’t know where he is

Emperor Chang: then prepare to die.

Mrs Sarim: please don’t kill him, don’t kill my son, he was my only child to raise the banner of our name.

( crying )

Emperor Chang: so to raise the banner of your name against me?

Mr Sarim: no she don’t mean that.

Emperor Chang: now I am going to kill you for not telling me where he was.

Mrs Sarim: please are you going to kill him.

Emperor Chang: if I get a possible chance.

Mrs Sarim: then kill me,and leave him alone.

Emperor Chang: you’re dying together.

( he stab Mrs Sarim while Mr Sarim run to him crying )

Mr Sarim: what have you done,what have you done.

( he shouted at Emperor Chang )

Emperor Chang: I done something meaningful, and you are going down with her, then the chosen one next.

( he rise his sword to him then mark him,while he fall to the ground )

Now that you have dead, the next victim will be on your son kindly wait for him

( he go out then ride in his chariot )


Mike at the farm setting a trap to a animals, suddenly begin to hear a magical voice

Mike: who is that

Voice: it is me

Mike: oh noo no, you again,you Awesome again

Voice: your life is in danger now,and you have to act fast now

Mike: you told me that eveytime,if possible my life is in danger,I should have see the danger right now.

Voice: this is now a real danger oh man,don’t run away from your destiny,you are a hero,you are a warrior born in the face of the real danger.

Mike: you told me that too,since you have seen that I am not interested you should’ve leave me alone,actually my parents don’t know about this no body no.

Voice: I should have brainwash you the time I first meant you I supposed to have do so, but I will not, I will let you realize the sake of fighting for your planet, your kingdom,and for your peoples, definitely this is not the first time of giving many superheros powers and abilities to fight for the world but your power is in that sword you have abandon their it has become a dig without master, if you got it, the power in it will be giving unto you,and you shall control it.

Mike: so why don’t you call your superheroes for it.

Voice: I should’ve call them,but it is time for you to be fighting for justice in your kingdom.

Mike: OK OK let me think about that to think that

Voice: think now,don’t forget your family is in danger.

( the voice stop )

Mike: he doesn’t reveals himself.

( he paused, remembering what Awesome had said )

My family is in danger, oh nooo

( he run,leaving the trap he had set, it has already catch a big prey )


Mike return home,he run as fast he could, he could see his parent laying on the ground,his mother his already dead,while his father still painting, while manage to sit,at that moment Mike doesn’t know what to do he was confused

Mr Sarim: Mike, is that you.

Mike: Dadddddddd

( he shouted )

Ultra series


Welcome to the ultra worlds it’s time to unleash a new story title = KINGDOM,the new story by Anointed David

Guys we can’t save the world alone,reals heroes are surely born in the face of real danger, we are one united we stand divided we fall.

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