Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

In the kingdom of Razia a fearful beast like a man set his sight with his minions to take over the city and to erased mankind out of it now making his planned to be succedeed,he become stronger and powerful having controlling eviles powers and supernatural abilities, he come into power making everything worse, killing the of Razia kingdom who is trying to protect his peoples from the enemy.

The villain called Hoxo become very furious and unstoppable and with his minions why proving to be mighty and supreme in the universe, he will decide and no is dare to stop him, he who ever failed to that he would force them to do hard labour later will kill them or kill them immediately if he wished becoming most fearful villain in the entire kingdom

( Hoxo on a mountain )

Hoxo: I am Hoxo the tormentors of mankind, I killed with just a single swords, I fought many armies, from the strongest to the weakest I overcome them all and no one will stop me out of this,because after me no one.

( a servant come to in,bowing down )

Servant: my lord, commander Fang want to see you

( shivering with fear )

Hoxo: let him come in.

( the servant quickly run out calling Commander Fang, bowing down )

Hoxo: you want to see me

Fang: yes my precious lord, the great one

Hoxo: many called me great one with great joy, just as you are, but still many called me bad one,not in my sight they hate me but they can’t say it in my face, they are afraid of Hoxo the great one.

( he paused )

What did you come for

( Commander Fang rise up his head )

Fang: I had a revelation, it reveals to me that their is going to be a new hero, he want to stop you, and wanted to dethrone you, bringing justice to the world.

( Hoxo smiled )

Hoxo : does his mother not tell him who am I, listen to me, I crushed brave warriors both great , both strongest and weakest.

( his eyes turn red as he speak )

In the next seven days I will be destroying this kingdom once and for all,and I will be expecting who so ever brave enough to confront me, after that, I will takes my leave setting my sight to destroy the whole universe, and I will all this world, making this kingdom as my headquarter)

( his eyes turn normal )

Fang: whatever say, your wish is my wish for you all.

Hoxo: not only that,prepare for war in the east, we have a villain mutant like me, I wanted to destroy him and take on his armies with me, we shall invade them all, and we shall overcome tell commander Darot and Commander Savat to get ready

Fang: as you have said.


Jarvis wake up,seeing the sun shine brighter he quickly dress up running out of Mr James hut.

Jarvis: oh no I am late I supposed to be in the farm right now.

( he quickly take his baskets running to the farm he did not notice that no one has step outside, within a few minutes he arrived,looking everywhere searching for his father and his relatives )

Dad,mom,uncle frank,Jason where are you guys

( he was surprised )

“Is it a joke”

( He wondered )

May be I will be the first person to get into farm today

( suddenly his watch fall down, he quickly pick it up immediately,)

I taught I have lost this watch

( on seeing the time, he was astonished,he begin to feel strange )

What is happening to me,what wrong with me.

( unfortunately he could see a ghost,then begin to step back,not knowing he fall into a strange pit, then the ghost vanished )


Commander Savat and commander Darot come inside

Commanders: oh great lord

Hoxo: why did you come at this time, have you forgotten my rules

Savat: no lord, we had come to let you know what is going on

Hoxo: I have seen it, through my vision power, the Claw gate sealed for about a century years ago as been open back.

Darot: yes lord,what will we do, we don’t know where the gate his located.

Hoxo: Fang will know, he will smell the place.

( Fang appeared )

Fang: oh the great one

Hoxo: where was the gate of the claw located.

Fang: wait

( Fang perform his magical power, conducting the spirit )

Hoxo: what have you see

Fang: this will be hard, I do not know, the spirit doesn’t gives the location of the place it, only a person know the place.

Hoxo: how can that be

Fang: the spirit will lead the person to the place

Hoxo: then how would we know the person

Fang: he is a teen, he was born to be human not like us.

( Commander Fang use his magical power to view the person )

Hoxo: so this boy,I think he might be the chosen one.

Savat: I taught that.

( Hoxo rise on his feet, levitating and his eyes turn red, which means his powers are possessing him )

Darot will searched for him

Darot: your wish is my command

( she bow )

Hoxo: now you warriors will go to the east, I will lead you, we shall take the king crown and I will place it on my table,and all the crown I have token on the kings head would fifty six,and this will be the fifty senventh.

( he sit down on his sit, and his eyes turn normal, as it was before )


After sometimes Jarvis rise up, seeing that he was not dreaming, then look his surroundings,he was surprised

Jarvis: so this place exist,I heard much about this place my dad told me sometimes ago.

( he then see a bright light coming from a place )

What is this

( then heard a voice )

Voice: come on Jarvis

Jarvis: please,who are you,show me your self

Voice: I am not an enemy,you are in the gate of the claw

Jarvis: then how will I believe you

Voice: I am the Awesome the great one

Jarvis:I gotta find a way to go out here

Voice: you can’t

( actually a force drive Jarvis to the center of the light, he could not open his eyes because the light is too strong and powerful )

Jarvis: let me go

Voice: I am not an enemy of yours, you might have here about the Awesome.

Jarvis: yes, yes, are you Awesome?

Voice: yes I am

Jarvis: should I open my eyes

Voice: no you can’t

Jarvis: why

Voice: no no, no one has see me, I don’t have through form I am like the God in which I usually called the Sovereign one he was my creator, I respect him more than humans had done.

Jarvis: oh, nice, what probably do you want and why are you here

Voice: you learn much I about me I know

Jarvis: how do you know

Voice: I know and I read all mind in the universe, expect the mind of God.

Jarvis: how will that possible

Voice: reading is the most simplest thing to me, I read trillions of mind in a seconds

Jarvis: why did you want me

Voice: because you are the chosen one of my pleasure,to save the mankind and and delivered them

Jarvis: am I Jesus.

Voice: The God in three places, mean the Trinity as the Sovereign one.

Jarvis: I understand you better.

Voice: as you can see the enemy of the world know as Hoxo as setting his sight in human world to have it all and rule earth why trying to erased all human in it, now as you know him he had destroy more than fifty six kingdom having their Crown with him, I come to engaged you.

Jarvis: why cant you fight him by yourself

Voice: just to train you for future

Jarvis: it as if I am dreaming

Voice: this is not a dream, it was reality, now it is time.

( a blazing big ball appear in Jarvis front )

Voice: you have to touch it

Jarvis: OK OK OK

( he summon his courage why he touch the light, immediately his body begin to shock, why he begin to feel strange and painful )

This is stronger than I taught

( still closing his eyes )

Voice: as a human you have to endure, till the blazing ball vaporize )

Jarvis: OK OK OK

( Jarvis become very weaker, but could endure why he could not take off his hand )

This is too strong, is weakening me, I am dyeing please

Voice: just to makes you stronger and powerful, you are having supernatural power now I can sence it.

( after some mighty pain the blazing ball vaporize into Jarvis body, then he could open his eyes seeing the mighty light but he could not see the being, )

Jarvis: Awesome, I can feel it

Voice: yes, I sence it, before you feel it.

( he then look at his hands in his nails, his nail had grew into a long golden claw )

Jarvis: am I a vampire

Voice: no you are not,you are the Golden claw, the Claw fighter.

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