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Dinner is a wonderful time of day, nice hot meals at the dining table with the ones you love.

Of course I can’t enjoy that while I have her hand at the top of my thigh for the entirety of it, gently brushing her hand between my legs before pulling back to my lower thigh. All the while acting completely innocent, making conversation with everyone and I’m sat here looking like a worked up mess.

“You okay over there love?” She rests her head on mine, kissing the top of it and smiling to herself.

“Me? Oh I’ve never been better.” I’ve gotten an attitude lately, but she only has herself to thank for that.

She causes me more mood swings than any of hormones.

“Good, we’ve still got a while before dinner ends. Think you can hold out?” Her voice is only loud enough for me to hear, to anyone else it looks like an innocent conversation between a couple.

“Don’t worry about me, by all means get back to all your socialising.” I turn my head to look to her and give her a very sarcastic and cocky smile.

“Careful sweetheart, that mouth is going to get you in trouble.” She whispers into my ear and kisses my neck, then returning to her normal niceties and basic conversation.

You get teased all night and see how cocky you feel.

It’s a good long hour before anyone even removes themselves from the dinner table, then add about another hour and a half of sitting down and talking in the living room after. All that equates to a lot of teasing, pushing me over the edge and right now I feel like crying I’m that worked up.

Even the drive home is full of ‘innocent’ touches and smirks to me as she’ll pull my hair on a red light and kiss my neck before returning to driving like nothing happened.

I felt like opening the car door while she was driving.

The second we get through the front door she’s pinning me to it, throwing my shoes and coat away in the middle of her kissing and biting my neck.

Not one time did she kiss me on the lips while we were out, the last time she did was before we left. Not even on the car ride there, or the time she cornered me in the hallway, or after dinner, or the car ride home. Not a single kiss on the lips.

Yes that could be considered dramatic but I don’t care.

Through all the messy removing of clothes and stumbling our way to the bedroom, we finally make it to the bed and she pushes me down on to it. I lift myself up onto my elbows so I can watch her undress, admiring everything about her.

“I think it’s time we finally get you out of these clothes.” She leans over the bed to unbutton my jeans and sliding them down my legs, throwing them to the floor. She uses her knee to nudge my legs apart so she can climb between them and hovers herself over me.

Lucky for her she removed my shirt before we even got to the bedroom so that was one task less to do right now.

“Kiss me, please.” I whisper up to her, trying my hardest to maintain eye contact but it’s starting to feel really difficult.

She looks me in the eyes before darting her eyes down to my lips, then back to my eyes and pulling my lower lip down with her thumb. Finally kissing me after so long.

I needed that more than I thought.

“Fuck.” I moan into her mouth and I wrap my legs around her waist to pull her down. Needing her much closer to me so I can finally feel something.

“No more teasing, please.” I slide my hands down her sides and I slightly graze my nails against her lower back.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get to feel good I promise.” She smiles down to me and she holds one side of my throat and starts slowly kissing the other side.

“Please, I can’t take it anymore.” I whimper into her ear, I don’t care how needy or desperate I sound.

“Shh, it’s okay sweetheart.” She strokes the top of my head and kisses my cheek before lowering herself down between my legs.

She smiles to me, never looking away from my eyes as she starts to kiss my stomach, leaving trails of small hickeys.

I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

I finally feel her tongue slide between my folds and the second I feel it, I throw my head back and arch my back slightly. She circles her attention around my clit, focusing on it and after all the hours of teasing this feel’s unimaginably good.

“Faster.” I whisper and she wastes no time acting on my request.

Wraps one arm around my thigh and pulls my closer and then slides her ring and middle finger inside me. Curling them inside me and pulling them in and out of me, speeding up more and more.

I feel like screaming.

“Fuck it feels so good, please don’t stop.” I feel so weak, my legs are starting to shake and my vision is going blurry.

“I don’t know what’s happening- fuck.” I pull on her hair while I feel my orgasm finally try and wash over me, I push my self against her mouth without thinking and she moans against me.

“That’s it baby, make yourself feel good.” She urges me to move again so I do and It feels so good.

“Don’t hold back on me now love.” She encourages me more and I can’t hold back my moans anymore.

“Don’t stop, please.” I can feel how close I am and it’s unbearable.

My stomach feels like it’s doing front and back flips and every other kind of flips, there’s an aching on my stomach that’s on it way out. That pressure is finally about to release and I’ve never wanted to thank god more.

“You’re doing such a good job baby.” Her praising sends me over the edge, everything that was ever built up inside has just gone wild and released.

She slows her movements down as my high slows down and I pull away from her, being too sensitive to touch now.

She crawls up to me and and wraps herself around me and clings on top of me, holding me and planting kisses on my chest while stroking my arm.

“Let’s get you showered, then we can sleep all you like I promise.” She kisses my cheek before pulling me out of bed.


So technically not my first chapter (I’m still so annoyed about that but I’m going to be a bigger person and just move on) but anyways here you go loves!!

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