Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Jasmine pov
My alarm rings, “arrgh” I stood up from my bed and start my morning preparation for work.

My name is Jasmine peters, rich, attractive, black skinned, smart, ambitious, if not for that bastard who is hindering me from moving higher. Son of a bitch.

You must be wondering who I was talking about, James Michaelson, he is my rival at work. He is a bastard and a jerk, I hate to admit that he is handsome and when it comes to sex he is good, well I know because we had a thing together before.

I hate him because he is the obstacle hindering my promotion, if my project gets picked instead of his own then I get promoted and be his fucking boss, I can’t wait to see the look on his face when that happens, It will be thrilling.

I picked a black, straight skirt showing my curves and a blue t shirt. I made my hair in a desirable style. I put on my heels, and picked my bag with my documents. I looked at the mirror I look so beautiful as I flicked a stray hair.

I exited my house after making sure I locked everywhere. I entered the car, put my bag and document at the back seat.

I started the car, and drove to my office.


“Good morning jasmine” the bastard said as I stepped out of my car.

Yea, it is James.

“Morning to you jerk” I said irriated by his presence.

“Just try to be nice” he said and smirked.

“To hell be with you and your greetings” I said and entered the company leaving him outside. I head straight to the boss office.

I knock on his door and entered, James also entered with me while I rolled my eyes.

“Mr James, good morning” our boss greeted while I sneered.

“Morning sir” he said.

Both James and our boss Daniel are close.

“Jasmine you are here” he snorted.

“Yes sir” I snorted back at him, it was totally obvious today is not going to favour me.

“So about the project, your idea miss Jasmine, am sorry to say the company’s thought about it, but it’s worth pursuing.

“So on account of this Mr James idea best suits the company’s objectives, and for that he’s been promoted” he said while James chuckled.

God, I hate it when he does that.

“I understand sir” I said and left his fucking office, and slammed the door at him.

“Shit!” I said depressed.

That son of a goat. I can’t believe he got promoted.

“My promotion, my promotion!” I said crying.

I went to my office, I sat on the chair and put my head on my table, feeling dejected. I worked so hard for this.

“Did you hear, Mr James is holding a party for the planning and strategic department for his promotion” some girls said as they walked by.

“Party, what is the big deal about it?” “It is not like they haven’t been to one before”

“Jas!” Vivian barged in and jumped on me.

Vivian is my co worker.

“Are you coming to James party?” She asked.

“No,” I said. “Why?” She asked. “Is there any reason I have to be there?” I asked. “Yes, if you don’t go that means you aren’t happy your co worker got promoted and not you” she said.

“Well, am not happy” I said and brought out my phone.

“But if anything happens to James, you will be the first person they will suspect” she said. Well she is actually making sense.

“I will come along” I said.

“Ok” she said and left.

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