Episode 1

Graceful and with poise she walked towards the stage set for her. So many eyes followed her in anticipation.

Her gold shoes hit each stair gently as she climbed. Her long red dress glittered so much, she held the microphone, her wrist wore a gold bracelet, her manicured red painted nails were perfect. She opened her mouth to sing, a soft and beautiful voice emitted from her, her voice was as beautiful as she was. She spread out her arms as she sang, the instruments played added more beauty to her beautiful and soulful song, she swirled round slowly as if possessed by the song that came out of her, her gold long earrings danced along with her. Her audience watched trapped in her stronghold, they watched her every move, listened to every word, the song illuminated their hearts, they marveled at her beauty and uniqueness.

She ended the song with a long drag of her voice. Screams, roaring applauds were heard. She placed her hand on her chest and bowed a little with a radiating smile that exposed her well arranged teeth. She climbed down just the way she climbed up. She had been working as a singer in this exquisite club for a long time
and was always nervous each time she wanted to sing, but always ended up having a
crowd loving her more. As she walked towards the dressing room glimpses of the past took over her thoughts. At sixteen she was homeless,
and sat down on the ground close to a church, she hoped for rescue, but none came, she
was looked at as filth and as though she deserved what she got. The cold made her
teeth knock against each other, she had knocked on doors, but at the sight of her they jammed their doors shut, no one wanted a stranger in their home let alone a haggard looking girl. Then a day came, a black car with tinted glasses
stopped, the driver got down and opened the door, a man came out with sympathy exuding from him, the hunger that ravaged her made her
vision blurry but she felt his genuine kindness. He walked to her slowly and stretched
his hand to touch her face, she looked at him hoping for help,
“my name is Easton, come
with me let me give you a
better life”, she didn’t bother
to argue, she held his hand and
got up, all she thought about was food. She turned to him “I’m hungry”, he smiled and
led her to the car, he got in
after her and shut the door
firmly. The car stopped in
front of what looked like a castle. He led her through a long corridor, left and right
stood elaborate mantle pieces.

She walked slowly, he was patient, and made sure his steps were equal to hers’. She caught sight of the living room but didn’t bother to
take a close look, her head
hung as she leaned on his
body for support. He led her
up each stair. He pushed open a door and led her into a peaceful room, the air seemed
clearer, she inhaled and exhaled weakly. He made her sit on the bed, but her body
couldn’t withstand a sitting position, she slumped on the bed and shook with hunger.
She heard him say “get her
something to eat now!” with
urgency in his voice. Few
minutes later, food was brought, her body seemed to energize as soon has she knew
there was food, she got up to
a sitting position smartly. The
tray was placed on her lap,
she devoured the food in split seconds, consumed lots of water and tried to hold back a
loud belch, but it came out much louder than she

She politely apologized as the tray was taken off her lap. She turned to look at Easton “thank
you”, he gave her a warm smile, she la!d down feeling better than when she came,
she just felt sleepy. “What’s your name?”, “Crystal”, he urged her to sleep then placed a thick blanket on her. “This is
your new home”, she smiled and drifted into a deep and peaceful sleep. That was eight years ago. Every time she remembered how Easton took her off the streets, she was always
thankful. She was lucky to be
alive. She got into the dressing
room, sat down and retouched her face with a little make up.

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