Episode 1

“Hurry up Nkem”, Becky shouted from d door, I really hate Early morning classes, but what can I do, today is our first day in skul after our compulsory one year I.T, but it actually looked liked we were freshers once again. “Hey”, someone screemed, Becky and I turned and there was a girl running towards us,” well, am Patricia but everyone calls me patty I saw d both of u in my hostel last night, I dnt knw if we can be friends” d girl said, she was so fast dat I found it very hard to get what she said, all I knw is dat she wanted to be our friend, and I think dere is enough room for one”, am becky, nice to meet u”, “am Nkem”. So I realised u girls are in my department, I think I saw u people duriing d clearance, I was behind you” the girl said pointing at becky, “Becky”, my friend reminded her” oh yeah Becky, sori I forgot ur name but am always like dat, but dnt worry with time I will get accustomed to it”, patty rambled on, I think she talks too much no offence though, d girl seem like a nice girl, but I dnt knw if I can cope with a talkative.

“Ok, cellphones off, textbooks out, our very strict lecturer Mr. Justice said, I wonder how he does his tins bcos most students still loved him no Mata how strict he was, everybody did as we were instructed and classes started as usual.
” u knw, maybe if u had a boyfriend u would understand what am talking about” becky said, I knew she was jst trying to pull my legs, I mean what was d need, not like am still a virgin or sumtin, I have bin in a relationship with about three guys and it didn’t work, so I decided to drop it.” look becky, I get it u love ur boyfriend and all but u shouldn’t b blinded to d fact dat d dude is bad, I tried to tell her, ” Johnson is not bad”,my bestfriend defended, ” girls, stop d argument please” patty screemed”, we were on our way back to d hostel after classes,” u knw dat bestfriend are not supposed to quarrel ova a guy” said patty, ” maybe u shuld tell her dat” becky said ” u knw becky, am also single, and being single does not mean dat u cannot advice a friend in a relationship”, she said,” alrite girls, let’s jst end dis, u can continue with Johnson, but dnt say I didn’t warn u”.

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