Episode 1

Am inside the class sitting down we are having account the teacher ask one of the girls in class what is manufacturing account the girl stand up and was just looking at him after like 5 min of standing and cracking of brain the teacher ask another person that one also did not know the answer i raise up my hand he ask me what is my name i told him and answer the question. all eyes is just on me after i answer the queastion the girl he ask the question earlier come to my front and want to kiss me as i want to kiss her i just hear
Kpa kpa kpa

Brother brother

I rais up my head up and see my brother chai it just a dream sha i just look at im with one kind eye.

me: weting do you this mumu boy why you wake me up as i wan kiss na him you go wake me

Brother: see you PAPA they call you joooo
You they kiss pillow as big as you are

Me:weting papa wan see me for now
Him no fit wait ni

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