Episode 32

I compose my self and as her what dis she mean by
what she just say

Boss wife: (sighted) u see muda (sobbing) a lot has
been happening to me alot.

I just sit down and be looking at her thinking why shes crying

Boss wife: you see i was dethroned to your boss by
my parent because my parent are poor they told me
to marry im by force without my wish or else they will
send me away, i dont have any choice than to marry
im since then he have been maltreating me ( continue sobbing) i want to talk buh i dont know what to say i
feel pity for her and sit down next to her

Boss wife: you see him travelling out of the country is
not for business @ all he already have a mistress and
2 kid in italy, he always maltreat me whenever we
are in the room he neva touvh me i feel my life crumbling before me (sobbing).

I put my hand around her neck she place her head on
my shoulder i was just wandering why will a man be
,altreating a damsel like this i pet her till she stop
crying, she stand up and went to the bathroom after
five minute she come back looking fresh she tie a small towel that did not reach her knee she move to
the mirror and admired her self as she back me her
towel fell down one of the most sexy and pump ynash
in my front i lick my lips and stand up and went to her
back my hand find his way to the front and grab her to
mellon she face me and my lip and her lip connect we engage in a frensh kiss, my left her locate her p—y i
started fingering her while kissing she started
moaning into my lip while kissing i dont know how we
get to the bed but the next thing i know is i was
s—–g her p—y and she was moaning louder as my
lip touch her c–t she shiver and release her first organs of the day she was breathing harder i leave
her to rest a bit before i bury my 6inch dickson into
her p—y i started going in and out of her in a fast
motion in missionary style after 5mins she go an all
for and i started pounding her hard as i was f—–g
she was using her her to rub her c–t after like 30mins i realse into her i carry her to the bathroom where we
had anoda 2 round before i take our bath, as we get to
the room i wear my clothe back,………………..


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