Episode 12

The following week was not too eventful wereas the christmas day, boxing day and new year.

I always visit my boss to be and his wife in there house, the wife always behave somehow to me but i just shrugged it off that maybe she is always tired everyday, but i always wonder if that how shes going to be behaving if i get to stay with dem.

A day before leaving the village i went to visit my one and only, my swettest sweet, my omalicha nwa.

I forget to tell u about her. Her name is adijat she not too tall nor shot let me not bore you with the discription.
When i reach there coumpound i did not see anybody outside i knock on there down and she told me to come in side.

As i enter we just hug each other she offerd me malt and biscuit.

Me: uhmm my wife my one and only so where re ur parent

Adijat: they went to visit there parent

Me: OK you know am living the village tomorrow

Adijat: yes. So you are going to leave me here and go and meet all dose city girls abi (in a sad tone)

Me: common you know that i cant do that (moving closer to her i put one of my hand on her lap and use the other to bring her face closer to me i planted a deep kiss on her lip she reciprocate back after like five min she remove her lip and drop the bombshell

Adijat: if you know that you wont cheat on me you have to SWEAR

i just look @ her with a cold eye chai which kind life be dis just becos of toto should i swear or not


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