Episode 1

??‍♀️Gloria’s POV??‍♀️

It was a cold morning, the biting cold, the noise coming from the living room, the horrible smell of alcohol.

It was Robert the young billionaire my dad had borrowed money for his gambling from.

If I had known I wouldn’t have interfered in their discussion.

It was a discussion between him and my mother, he wanted his money back but, my father a coward that he is ran for his life and left my mother with the whole burden.

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His glare were all over me the moment he sighted me, and so I became a collateral exchange for my father’s debt.

The moment I set my foot in his house, I knew I would be a sex slave forever.

And this is my story.


Two Years Later.

Here we go again, not that he wasn’t good to me on bed, he is, but the way he treats me makes me want more.

Weird right? All against my will but I still end up wanting more of him not his fault though.

His d*ck feels so d–n good when in me.

As usual, Robert came in the night with his d*ck as hard as a rock, I knew the moment he entered what was next.

He forced me on the bed ripping off my clothes, he smiled as he does so.

Not because he feels himself but because he knows I have a great body and a lovely face.

He smiled and s*cked my boobs so hard that I was clenching my fist so hard on the bedsheets.

I hate him, I really do, but I have no other choice.

His teeth was holding my nipples lightly that it really made me moan, I hate myself for this but what can I do?

It is sex after all, my body reacts to his touch as my cl*t get swollen and my entire body wanting more even though I want none of this.

He adjusted my body to a position that made him have easy access to my p***y he tore off my clothes but not my panties.

He then licked my p**y with my panties on, my whole body ached for more even though I hate this, he licked my clt slowly and teasingly.

He licked it on and on till he was satisfied, I reached a state of o—-m twice.

He seems fulfilled and forced his d**k down my throat I was choking, he didn’t care and continued.

He enjoyed it but not me, I would have bit his dk but I can’t, I have no choice here, he continued aggressively as he rubs my bbs.

He then slowly inserted his d*ck in my ass, I felt a sharp pain in me, this is my first time with the other hole, I couldn’t hold it, but the pain, the pleasure is there but the pain is exceeding the pleasure.

I begged him to stop but he wouldn’t, not that he has ever listened to my pleas.

He continued f*cking my ass harder till I broke down in tears telling him to stop.

When I started crying he stopped and told me my cry makes him want more then he went inside again harder and faster.

After ten minutes of continuous ass f—–g, he stopped and burst his c-m all over my body, I felt relieved thinking it was over little did I know he just began.

He then tied my hands together, spreads my leg wide open and tied each legs to the ends of the bed.

“This was not necessary.” I said to him, he told me with a wicked smile all over his face that he wants to test the limit of my p***y without me fighting back.

He then inserted his dck in my py with his dck deep in my p**y he continued and continued till I climaxed again.

He got off me and smirk at me devilishly.

“Be prepared next time, I won’t go easy on you.” He muttered and left me in the room.

My eyes became teary and I couldn’t stop crying.

His words irritated me and makes me hate him more at that moment.

He won’t go easy on me? When has he ever went easy on me?.

And this was all his fault, my dad’s fault, for 2 years straight have been Robert’s sex slave he took my virginity and f**ks me with no remorse.

“Gloria, are you ok?” Bianca said barging in.

“Am fine.” I replied as I covered myself up.

“He has done it again?” She asked giving an expression of compassion.

Bianca has been a maid of Robert she has served him for years but he never touched her, just me.

She is light skinned with a curvy and perfect shape not like mine though.

She has been my friend ever since and she’s been so nice.

“Yes, but not anymore.” I replied Bianca.

“Anymore?” She asked confused with my statement.

“Yes, not anymore, because I will be escaping this goddamn place.” I replied giving her a grim face.

“Escape? You know there’s no escaping.” She said.

“I know but I have a plan, an escape plan, and I will need your help.” I replied and she looked at me with surprise.

And yes, I will escape this place, this hell.

I can’t be his sex slave forever.

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