Episode 22

Ben who was washing his face under the sprinkling shower head spun around at the sound of my voice and we both stared at each other in shock. My eyes moved down his wet body to settle between his thighs and as if conscious of my stare, his d–k began to react by slowly stretching and expanding at the same time till it was almost pointing at me. In embarrassment, he quickly clasped his hands over his d–k and that was when I broke out of the spell and quickly returned my gaze to his face, swallowing hard.

“Good morning.” He said and from the tone of his voice I knew he was uncomfortable and totally embarrassed.

“Good morning.” I responded, trying to smile to lessen the awkwardness of the situation. “I’m sorry that I barged in on you like this, I actually thought it was my sister who was in the shower.”
“No problem.” He said and glanced away.
Courtesy demanded that I left a naked man who wasn’t my husband so he could bath in peace but I don’t know why, my feet refused to move. “Um, where’s Jane?” I asked.

“She went outside the estate to get a loaf of bread for breakfast.” He answered.
“Oh!” I scratched the back of my neck. Just seeing this wet man was turning me on and I just didn’t know how to go about it and besides, the last thing I wanted was my sister walking in on me to see that I was discussing with her naked boyfriend in the bathroom. “When are you guys leaving?” I asked.

“Probably by ten.” He answered.
“Okay, I see…” I nodded and my fingers began to twitch at my sides. I wanted to touch him so bad. I wanted to ask if I could join him in the bathroom but I didn’t know how he would react.

“Anything else?” He asked with tone which insinuated, ‘shouldn’t you get going already?’
I swallowed hard then gave a nervous smile as I shook my head and answered, “Eh…no…nothing more… You can continue.” I said as I glanced down at the enticing spot he was selfishly concealing from my view. Reluctantly, I turned and dragged my feet away from the bathroom, slowly walking and sometimes, pausing just in case he called me back but he simply pulled the curtain back.
Desperately, I rushed out of the house and went to Steve’s apartment. I needed to get la!d and I needed it so bad. I knocked on his door four times before he opened it, it seemed as if he was just waking up. How could this bastard sleep so peacefully after what he did to me?!

“Yes?” He answered in a terse tone when he realized that it was me.
I tried to peep into his apartment. I suspected that he hadn’t spent the night alone. “Good morning to you too.” I stated in sarcasm.
“Winny, what do you want?” He asked me like he would ask a child bothering him.
“Can I come in?” I asked and took a step forward but he stopped me. “Come in and do what? I have a visitor.”
I glared at him. “So you really invited a girl over?”

“So? How does that affect you?”
“Steve, I’m the one you are actually speaking to like that?”
“Listen Winny, I have no time for this bullshit. I have to get ready for my CDS in a hour’s time. If you have no tangible reason for being here, please leave.” He stated in irritation.

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