Episode 21

That infuriated me even more and I grabbed a vase nearby and hurled it at him but it missed and shattered on the floor. “You are one crazy b—h, Winny!” He simply said while I grabbed my clothes, got into them and stalked out of his apartment.
I saw my sister and Ben watching TV and it was already 9p.m. Angrily, I asked, “What is he still doing here? Doesn’t he have a home to go to?”

Embarrassed, my sister gave me a pleading look. “Sis, please he’s just going to spend the night here. Hope you won’t mind.”
I stared at them for a moment and without saying anything, I stalked off to my bedroom, closed my door and cried against my pillow. How could Steve do this to me? Why? I had thought that he would stop going out with other girls now that we were together but I had only been fooling myself. All he wanted was my body and now that he had had it, he was tired of me?! How could he even ask me to do such a disgusting thing as anal sex?! What did he take me for, a w—e?! And to think that I had already fallen for him.

I cried myself to sleep without eating. I was too heartbroken. Now that he has dumped me, who would satisfy my needs? Who will treat me as rough as Steve did? My husband had called me several times before I had dozed off but I had busied his calls. I was in no mood to talk to anyone. When I woke up the next morning, I was groggy. I check the time and realized that it was past eight. I quickly picked my phone and checked if there was any missed calls from Steve, that perhaps, he had realized his mistake and had called to apologize but when all I saw were my husband’s missed calls, I collapsed on the bed with disappointment.

I reluctantly got off the bed, telling myself that he would probably come do it in person, after all, he lived next door. I went out to look for my sister in order to apologize for my behavior last night but I met the sitting room empty. Deciding to check her in the guest room, I found it empty too so I thought she must have woken up early and had seen her boyfriend off. I was about closing the door when I heard the sound of rushing water from the bathroom and I presumed that my sister was actually taking her bath. Walking into the room, I moved to the bathroom and drew the shower curtain aside as I called. “Jane!”

Ben who was washing his face under the sprinkling shower head spun around at the sound of my voice and we both stared at each other in shock. My eyes moved down his wet body to settle between his thighs and as if conscious of my stare, his d–k began to react by slowly stretching and expanding at the same time till it was almost pointing at me. In embarrassment, he quickly clasped his hands over his d–k and that was when I broke out of the spell and quickly returned my gaze to his face, swallowing hard.

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