Episode 1

I was in my room arranging some important stuff in my system(laptop) when one of the palace guad knocked on my door.yes come in i replied he came in.escuse me my prince yes any problem.erm erm my prince the king want to see you.alright u can go now. thank you my prince and he left.

Oooh wetin dis old man want to see me for again this cool afternoun.(although am a prince and i studied at cannada but i like speaking pigin to everyone especially to my friends. i like the lauguage so much but i dear not speak it in the present of my father the king the first time i tried it he really shouted at me.was that what i sent you to cannada to learn (pigin)but me i no send the old man na naija wey we dey o i no dey for that cannada wey dem dey speak that there oyibo wey dey confuse person.if u go to rome u behave like romans while if u are in nigeria you have to behave like naijas.ok na )
in my father’s chamber….

Me..my king his royal highness 1 of arewa king.you sent for me

king..my son sit down we need to talk…(hmm this one his face is like this am i save. i hope is not wife matter he want to talk about coz am name ready for that although am 30 when the time come i will get married but for now. i wount talk again…i went and sit down in one of the cursion beside my mother the Queen)
king..my son you know you are not a boy any more you are a man now and you are 30 years of age and you are my only son why don’t u get married.
Me..(i said it na wife matter this old man want to discuse about mitchew) my father i have heard u i will think about it.

QUEEN..think about what?my friend u better get married ooh i want to see ur wife before the end of this year other wise we will get you one.
Me..wetin be dis woman own na no be ur case dey worry me for now)
King..see let me tell you very soon i will join my ancestors (weting be my own if u join your ancestors. i said to myself)and according to our tradition if u havn’t get married then you will not inherite this throne so i give you six (6)months to atleast bring a girl home for us to see.
QUEEN..(in a low tone) my dear not as if we are forcing you to get marry but try to understand us you are the only child here apart from your sister Amaka (the princess she my jounger sis but she is married with a kid)she is no more with us.you are the only one we have now.please give us grand children.

Me..i have heard both of you but try to understand me am a prince of this kingdom.i have many girl arround me i don’t know the one that will be good for wife materia so am still searching for one but i promise you i will bring a girl home soon.(shebi una want wife una go see wife tire)
QUEEN..that will not be a problem i already have one for you.(they both smile)
Me..who must be that mother?(in a suprise tone)
King..don’t worry son you will soon know her (i became too arger to know)
Me.. Why don’t you both tell me suspence is killing me here o
King..okay we will tell you.loolo(reffairing to my mother)tell him
QUEEN..with a smile face)she is Juliet the deputy governor’s 2nd daughter
Me.. what (in a loud voice) that arrogance and ungrateful girl that don’t have manners at all that spoilt br##t that you want me to marry mom i can’t marry her never
QUEEN..well my dear we have made the choice for you unless you want to disobey you parent.
ME.escuse me mom and dad (i left there present with bitter and anger to my room)
how can they choice that girl for me no never i won’t and i can’t marry her period.

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