Episode 1

Early 1998

Jerry POV

Mum: sorry my children it going to be okay
Mum said amidst tear i could still remember how she cuddle my kid sister who was just 5yr old then while i on the other hand was 8yrs old

Me: mummy why did daddy send us away?
i ask mum the question i Wanted to ask when she drag the only bag that was with us along with my kid sister

Mum: Jerry dear don’t worry dad will come for us when he is in his right sense Okay? He is just angry now

Me: what makes dad angry?

i ask mum who stood up pick up my kid sister and dusted her clothe then did same to mine

Mum: let go Jerry! i don’t have strength for your Questions please

We start walking toward the entrance of our street to join the busy road of Calabar city

Mrs Johnson POV
Me and Patrick John have been married for 11yrs, he was the a loving husband one could ever want, as a manager in one of the big companies in calabar then, he made sure I don’t lack anything, i became pregnant with our first child who was a boy (Jerry), he became more caring making sure we had everything, he made me quite my job as a secretary in UTB universal

Three years later i became pregnant again with our second child a female (Esther) then Patrick change gradually, he no more comes home early most time he slept over wherever he likes

i was hurting inside that one day he came home late as his new routine i confronted him that night which led to a quarel and he beat me up that night thank my children were asleep

i cried althrough the night the next morning, I made break fast for him to eat but he refuse, when he tried to exit the house i block his way

Pat: leave my way Mary!

i didn’t move i kept staring at him praying silently that he shouldn’t lose his temper again

Pat: i don’t want to repeat myself Mary

Me: where do you think you are going?

Pat: don’t be a dummy, can’t you see I’m going to work?

Me: who is she? i mean the woman who has taken you away from me?

He glare at me which send cool shiver down my spine but i didn’t make him see my weakness although it was in vain because when I tried repeating it a slap land on my face i fell down

He left me there and walk brickly into our room and drag my luggage out then went into Jerry & Esther’s room and pulled them out

Pat: go with your mother bastards

Me: you call your children bastards Patrick?

Pat: then what are they?

Me: please Patrick don’t do this to me, remember the love we share, remember our wedding night, remember our promise in the university

He push us outside the gate lock it then drove away, me and my children sat understand a mango tree beside our fence, i wasn’t myself anymore

God how will i survive this? Who will help me? Will my mother help me considering the fact that she was against my marriage with Patrick?

i kept asking myself unanswered questions till little Jerry broke into my thought with his questions

Jerry: mummy why did daddy send us away?
i heave a sigh and fight back the tears that was on it way out of my eyes

Me: Jerry dear don’t worry dad will come for us when he is in his right sense okay! He is just anry

Jerry: what makes dad angry?
i ignore his last question and stood up pick Esther who sat beside on my right hand side, dust her clothes and dust Jerry’s clothes

Me: let go! i don’t have strength for your questions
i pick our little bag and start walking toward IBB high way with one place in my mind which was heading to 8miles where my mum stay and drop my kids there before heading to my elder sister’s house to see if i could get anyhelp
i getting to the IBB express i remember that i didn’t have any money with me, another tears stream down my cheek,

A man who stood next to us notice my tears and he came closer and ask

Man: are you okay mrs?

His voice was lace with concern, i clean up my tears and made to walk away again but he stop me

Man: need any help?

i only see it as an opportunity to get a transport fare so i gently nod

Me: i need N500 to transport me and my children to my mother’s place at 8miles
He didn’t reply instead he brought out his wallet and count N100 nomination into 8 and hand it over to me then he gave Esther N200 and Jerry N200 too

Man: I’m Godwin
i sniff and reply

Me: Mary Johnson,
trying to make my ring visible for him to see that I’m married which work cause he smile, i stop a bus and hop in with my children and head to 8mile

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