Episode 1

It all started in privilege private school,school of life,love, friendship and betrayals,school of people with different acts.

Freddie a cool sweet sensitive guy who has nothing to do with girls partrolled around the school with his best friend Chad, one Monday morning,they were both talking and laughing,seeing how they talked u have known they have been friends since childhood,… Freddie was known to be intelligent,handsome,tall, friendly and gently,..while Chad was known to be playful, handsome but not that intelligent,..girls go crazy for Freddie but he didn’t like any of them neither was he ready to like any of them.

That morning after everyone got seated in class,as usual Freddie saw a note under his locker and he picked it up and read it,which actually say,…”good morning Freddie,the most cutest guy on earth,my charming prince,I just wanted to say good morning,” is me lynn,… Freddie tiredly drop the note while Chad laughed and said,…”another note”,..
Yeah”Freddie said while Chad continue laughing”why don’t u just give all this girls that re dieing for u chance ahh, I wish I was u,I could have dated like sixteen girls”Chad said while Freddie looked at him disgustinly but they stopped talking because of the teacher who walked in,…”good morning student,we have another new student in this school”,as the teacher talked everyone was confused because there was no new student beside or behind her,..”excuse me ma,pls where is the new student,”a guy shouted from the back seat,….

The teacher smiled and said,”oh I didn’t notice she wasn’t here, maybe she is shy,get in here Nora,”everyone all waited to see the Nora,and suddenly just like a growing sun,Nora walked in looking like an angel,she was currently different from others, her hair was black as ebony,her skin look so soft and shiny,most of all it was glowing her bright sparkling blue eyes matched her amazing pink lips,she was pretty

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