Episode 5

Our house was built by my aunt’s husband, but right after the divorced she was given the house by the court.

My aunty was the mean,cruel and wicked landlady I have ever known.We have Three other apartments we lease out. Before her husband left ,one out of the three was uncompleted she later completed the building. It was a young wealthy guy in his late 20’s that rented the apartment. Uncle T was stunning attractive and good looking with hypnotic blue eyes that makes ladies pale.He was the real definition of handsome. Though he was older than me, but I wished to have someone like him as my future hubby. I doubt it, someone like Uncle T can never date not to talk of marrying me as his wife. Don’t blame me, I’m not educated, rich and good looking as he his.When it comes to pretty, Ikeoluwa is pretty and attractive. Ike was very beautiful, all the guys in our area wanted to date her. But her mum warned her never to date those smelly poor and dirty guys.

My aunty wanted someone like Uncle T for her daughter. So she declined all the guys in our area and started eyeing Uncle T.

Uncle T was very closed to my aunty,whenever we are in need of something in the house, she would send her daughter to get it from his apartment.

My aunty has her own key to his apartment.

Every Saturday Ikeoluwa would go there and help him do some chores. But upon all those things Uncle T still doesn’t have feelings for her.

One Saturday evening, my aunty was outside chatting with Uncle T. She started asking him questions like how many girlfriend does uncle T has, but instead he bursted in laugh. He was surprised by my aunty’s questions. He later replied but his answer was I don’t really like ladies like that, and more also my pastor warned me to stay away from ladies if I really want to be successful in life. So having girlfriend is not my priority now.

My aunty asked again, the type of girl he would love to marry.his reply was mummy Ike, your question amazed me and I would love to answer that.

My future wife must be a virgin, hearing that my aunty shouted.


Yes, he replied.

Who does that in this our era, though there are still virgin, but majority of our girls . nowadays can’t wait or hold their body till wedding night. She told Uncle T that even herself got disvirgin at the age of 12. Uncle T opened his mouth wide like that of a spoilt ………

I was listening to their conversation, my aunty na bad girl hmmmm .She told Uncle T that 90%of nowadays ladies are not virgin. She stopped and smiled for minutes, she whispered words in Uncle T ears.

He smiled and his response was are you for real. She was excited and replied yes. I’m preety sure my aunty told him Ikeoluwa was a virgin.He doesn’t seem to be happy like that because apart from Ikeoluwa being a virgin, he doesn’t have feelings for her.

Back to me, pls where I go find husband go, I met with Iya kaffy and explained everything to her ,she was surprised that how could my aunty say such a thing. Marry Alhaji or bring home a suitor. I cried, cos I was totally confused. No boyfriend, no friends to even introduced me to one. I don’t have phone to Facebook at least people makes new friends there. Pls where will I go in search of husband, I cried as Iya kaffy help me wiped my tears. I got home and my aunty didn’t allow me to enter. She threw my bag outside, saying she can’t continue wasting money on me

Without getting something in return. She shouted I want all the money I spent on you, ever since you were 2. Marry Alhaji now or leave my house. Since you have refused to bring home a suitor that would pay me back . I want reward, foolish girl, witch, I want you out of my house before you go kill me and my daughter.

I screamed and shed tears. I sat outside cos Leaving now is not the best option for me.

Around 11pm in the night, I watched Uncle T drove in and exited from his car. He saw me shedding tears and moved closer. He asked what the problem was, I wanted to talk but tears kept flowing. He held my hand, walked to our apartment and wanted to knock, I stopped him from knocking. I told him No, she doesn’t want me in her house again, I told him not to worry that I’ll sleep outside . He said he was not in support of me sleeping outside. He helped me with my bag and also held my hand as we walked into his apartment. We entered and i sat on the couch, he went straight to his room. After some minutes, I slept off without remembering where I was. The sound of his TV woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw Uncle T watching PO.RN VIDEO.

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